25 Ways Fun Fun Fun Fest is Better than SXSW

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Photo by Patrick Michaels.
Metallagher demonstrates how much more fun this festival is in 2011.
Fun Fun Fun Fest is this weekend in Austin. Now in its eighth year, the thing has grown at a remarkable pace: From Spoon to Slayer at the top of the bill in just a few years. Through that expansion, however, FFF has lost none of its charm. If there is one festival in the country that seems to make decisions based on what makes its staff laugh the hardest, it's this one.

You know the deal with SXSW. It's a monstrosity, of course. And no, comparing FFF to SXSW isn't totally fair -- they have different goals and different scopes. But if you are going to make one trip to Austin during a given year for a music festival, it should be this weekend. Here's why:

25. FFF has a taco cannon. That's not even a band name. Just a cannon.

24. Scheduling that ignores genre and produces just confusion, like Dismemberment Plan to MGMT to Slayer.

Flickr user Rachel Coleman Finch

23. No panel discussions.

22. Killer Mike is playing on a skate ramp. We're not sure why.

21. The Nites line-up includes bands not even on the main bill, and run around all the famous Austin venues until 2am. It's like 35 Austin. And all the Nites are free.

20. The comedy line-up is stellar, with Doug Benson, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, and Tenacious D.

19. This won't happen:

18. The free stuff is albums from local record stores and useful apps and not just an endless sea of daytime sponsor liquor.

Flickr user James Cridland
Sixth street during SXSW, approximately.

17. You might be able to walk down a street now and again, like all the other weeks in Austin.

16. No three-hour waiting to get into a venue to see a band who may or may not be playing -- you might get to see all the bands you want.

15. The Subhumans are playing Cradle to the Grave.

14. Expected temperature for this weekend: 70s and sunny, instead of one million degrees. Austin is a meat furnace during SXSW.

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CoryGarcia communitymanager

RE: #4. Not just wrestling, but hardcore wrestling. Sunday is going to have a barefoot thumbtacks match. Get excited.

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