Busking in Deep Ellum with Danny Rush Folmer, Dim Locator and Jordan Burchill

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Someone mentioned the idea of a Dallas sound to me the other day. I don't know if any city ever winds up with one sonic thumbprint that truly captures everything about the place, and if they ever did they certainly don't know. The population shifts faster than ever and musicians have access to influence from around the world. Dallas feels especially jumbled in this way. If it sounds like a dig, it's not meant that way. You can hear musicians pushing boundaries in basically any direction you can think of here.

Last week, we brought you four performance videos shot by Globe Trek Productions during the Dallas Observer Music Showcase. The aim of the project was to document the range of musicians living and working in North Texas. Today we have part two of that project, with videos from Danny Rush Folmer, Dim Locator and Jordan Burchill.

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Busking Highlights
-The O's in McKinney
-Ray Wylie Hubbard Live in the Belmont
-Eisley at Panther Island Pavilion
-Whiskey Folk at the Foundry
-The Toadies' Vaden Todd Lewis at Klyde Warren Park
-Air Review in Deep Ellum
-Bean in AT&T Plaza

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