The Seven Norwegian Bands You Should Know (Other Than Ylvis)

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Dimmu Borgir
The viral video hit "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)" by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis has exploded on Youtube, earning 151 million views as of October 23rd. The success of this Norwegian duo calls for an audit of Norwegian bands.

Norwegian music is likely influenced by the country's sparse population (42.5 people per square mile -- DFW has 280 people per square mile), natural surroundings and cold climate. Norwegian musicians are not as savvy as Swedish artists like Robyn and In Flames, but in general less full of themselves than Icelandic artists like Björk and Jónsi. Here are a few Norwegian bands that warrant some attention alongside their animal-costume-wearing countrymen.

7. A-Ha
A-ha's debut album Hunting High and Low, released in 1985 and featured the song "Take on Me". The song's unique rotoscoped music video won a few awards in the 1986 MTV Music Video Awards, a time when the award was relevant. Like Ylvis, A-ha appeared on American pop music charts via a memorable video proliferated through a popular contemporary media platform.

6. Röyksopp
Overshadowed by Sweden's prolific electronic music scene, Röyksopp made their mark in America as light elevator music through smart licensing. Austin's PBS affiliate KLRU-TV uses a sample of the song "Eple" in its station ID. A mix of the song "Remind Me" was also featured in a Geico "offended caveman" ad in 2006. A remix of "The Girl And The Robot", featuring Swedish singer Robyn, was nominated for a Grammy in 2009 in the "Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical" category.

5. Dimmu Borgir
As the most popular symphonic metal band, Dimmu Borgir is also pretty divisive. The band is shunned as inauthentic by "true" metal fans for their ostentatious live shows and high audio quality of their albums. Co-founder and Guitarist Silonez said he listens to Lady Gaga while drunk in a 2010 Dallas Observer interview with Darryl Smyers, something the band's detractors may cite and exaggerate. While the band has settled into mediocrity in the last few albums, Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia (2001) and Death Cult Armageddon (2003) are still enjoyable gateways to Norwegian metal.

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The writer of this article should be ashamed of himself for slandering Varg Vikernes by calling him a Nazi!!! I guess all integrity in "journalism" is gone!!! He put that little "shot" in at the end, just to demonize a person they know nothing about!!! Wonder if they include "black supremacist" remarks after artist reviews like Ice Cube, Jay-Z, Kanye, NWA, or any of the hundreds of black supremacist acts in popular music!!! Doubtful...that would be "politically IN-correct"!!!!

Anyways, though there are great bands in this list (maybe the author should read up on Ghaal of Wardruna) there are some great omissions!!!! Darkthrone, and the many musical projects of Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell, or the aforementioned Mayhem( the actual band that Varg played with, and later killed the member self defense, btw), who started Norwegian "Black Metal" , from the guitar point of riffs anyways. A simple watching of the documentary "Until The Light Takes Us" could have given this "writer" much better, and correct, information on Burzum, Varg, and Darkthrone, among others!!!

Oh well, this sloppy "journalism" is what I've come to expect from our Orwellian world anymore!!! C'est La Guerre!!!!


Varg Vikerness is not a Neo-Nazi or a white supremist, he is a pagan though.

Read his blog at and read his thoughts for yourself. 


@PieMan Exactly!!! Its really hard to get folks to actually READ and STUDY issues for themselves when the sheeple start a lie and keep it going, especially if its "controversial" or "taboo" behavior!!!! Glad some of us have working brains and can read through the BS!!!!


@Wolverine Actually, no he's not a Nazi, nor a white supremacist. He's Nordic Pagan, but so what if he was a white supremacist?? There are PLENTY of black supremacist in music!!! Rap and Hip Hop are full of them!!! You should really check your facts before slandering people in public forums!!!!

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