The First Dallas Observer Music Awards Ballot from 1988

From the DO archives.
This year, we're celebrating the 25th year of the Dallas Observer Music Awards. It's a project we started in 1988, in the words of then-music-editor Clay McNear, to, "heighten awareness of local music and to commend those that are recognized by our readers as the best in their respective fields."

Not much has changed philosophically in 25 years. You can find some 200 bands, artists and music industry leaders to commend on the 2013 ballot. We've added a music festival to further the awareness aim (it's this Saturday, November 2). And we'll honor the winners next Tuesday, November 5, at an awards ceremony at House of Blues.

In addition to helping you get to know this year's nominees, we'll spend some time this week looking back on the past 25 years of North Texas music and our awards show. Look for some reminiscing by musicians, writers and music lovers. To kick things off, we thought we'd share the very first DOMA ballot, published on February 18, 1988. You can look at a much bigger version below:


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I'm actually impressed at how many of those are still performing and making a living in music 25 years later. The Reverend Horton Heat, Sara Hickman, Peter Schmidt, Rhett Miller. And this was before Ellum started rocking in the early 90s.


can I still vote for Killbilly?

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