Tips for Stalking the Polyphonic Spree This Month, While They're On a Break From Touring

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Courtesy of the Polyphonic Spree
Catch 'em all!

There is a bit of truth to the joke that every musician in Dallas has been a member of The Polyphonic Spree at one time or another. A staple in the local music scene, this choral symphonic rock group headed by Tim DeLaughter has 17 members onstage at any given show. Many of the band members have robust side careers -some are solo musicians, actors, chefs, business owners or parents.

By Lauren Smart

After a whirlwind world tour, the band takes a brief respite during October (with the exception of a quick trip down under to the Melbourne Festival Oct. 20 to 22). During their "down time" band members perform all over town, which means you won't have to wait for the Rocky Horror Picture Show performance on November 2nd to get your Spree fix.

With the exception of band members who apparently don't want to be stalked (why not, guys?) -- Tim DeLaughter, Jenny Kirtland and Matt Bricker -- we tracked down where you can catch these ultra cool musicians for the next month (in public, when they want to be found. Please don't commit crimes). As for Tim, I'll be the one in the fishnets front row center at the Lakewood Theater come November 2.

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Nick Earl:
In the band: Guitar and a myriad of effects pedals.
First show with the Spree: March 2013
For the next month:
"I just got back from Treefort in Austin recording with Salim Nourallah. When we get back from Aussie, I'll play with Paul Slavens. I have a solo project called Nimik and I teach guitar lessons."

Elizabeth Evans:
In the band: Vocalist
First show with the Spree: A year ago
For the next month:
Elizabeth is a local stage favorite, playing numerous roles at the Ochre House Theater in Exposition Park. She also teaches after-school theater with Junior Players and Drama International.

Jason Garner
In the band: Drum set/ Loops
First show with the Spree: 2010
For the next month:
"I've got shows in Oklahoma, Dallas and Austin. On the side I stage manage and tech for the Old 97s on the road. I play drums or bass live with Cantina, PTZ, the deathray davies, Treefort5. And I'm always making records... always."

Cory Helms
In the band: "Guitar and what not"
First show with the Spree: April 5, 2008
For the next month:
"I give private guitar, bass, piano and drum lessons. Email: if you're interested."

Buffi Jacobs:
In the band: Cello and Vocals
First Show with the Spree: Almost 7 years ago
For the next month:
"I work as a studio musician, freelance cellist and have several projects, including Anaphase (original cinematic music) and Rockestra (an instrumental electric rock orchestra cover band). I also perform electronic, ambient cello music and I teach private cello lessons."

Jessica Jordan:
In the band: Vocalist
First show with the Spree: 2002
For the next month:
"I am the founder of Super Yoga Palace in Deep Ellum, which is a donation based Urban Ashram full of good vibes and great tunes. I teach Saturday mornings a yoga flow called Super HY (a pre brunch burn). We like to say, we get HY with a little help from our friends... endorphins, of course."

Jennie Kelly:
In the band: Vocalist
First show with the Spree: "I'm a founding member. I've missed about three shows in total over the last 13 years."
For the next month: "I have two other careers outside of the band. I'm a chef and co-owner of an underground restaurant called Frank ( In addition, I'm a food stylist who works in the photography industry ("

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