The 18 Most Interesting Things You Might Have Missed at Index Fest

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Ed Steele

Run The Jewels' stage banter
Together, Killer Mike and El-P have put out one of the best albums of 2013, so it was surprising to see them in such an early time slot on Friday. The 6 p.m. crowd was noticeably thin, of course, but it made Dallas' first time seeing Run The Jewels material live an intimate one. On top of a powerhouse set, rap's best new buddy comedy duo were adorable onstage together. They just looked like they were having so much fun up there. Highlights included Killer Mike's busting El-P's balls for spilling his drink, admitting his kids call EL-P "their white uncle." and his shout out to the cool dad in the audience with the little girl on his shoulders. Afterwards, the lucky family was invited backstage for a meet and greet, where Killer Mike told the little girl, "You're going to think this is so cool one day." --Vanessa Quilantan

Real Estate shouts out El Si Hay
It was about three songs into a solid set from the indie bedroom rock outfit, Real Estate, when lead singer/guitarist Martin Courtney shouted out a Dallas taco staple. "You guys ever go to El Si Hay?" he asked the crowd, who responded with cheers. "We went there today and it was the best tacos I've ever had in my life. The elotes is really good too!" VQ

Ed Steele

The hypnotic effects of Pageantry
Denton three-piece Pageantry played an early set in the corner of Dada while Andrew Bird was whistling on the main stage. So not an ideal level of exposure, but the relatively new band made plenty of it. Front man Roy Robertson turned his guitar and endless array of effects pedals into a mesmerizing trail of melody. This band doesn't miss. --Kiernan Maletsky

The future is bright
Parking attendant Moses waved people into spots down Elm Street and smiled at people passing by on the sidewalk. He's been in the neighborhood for some time now, and he thinks it's on the cusp of its finest hour. He points to the condos going in nearby, and talks about the long-term investment of the companies behind them. He sees the new restaurants, the new bars. Deep Ellum, he thinks, will breathe life into the center of Dallas' culture, and he sees things like Index Fest as proof. KM

Ed Steele
Trees, later on Friday night.

The Fox and the Bird covers "Dallas"
Local folk band The Fox and the Bird rarely disappoint live, but if you happened to catch their set shortly night fell on Friday, you now know that they have impeccable taste in cover songs. Written by Jimmie Dale Gilmore and made famous by his group The Flatlanders, "Dallas" is a regional classic. TFATB's rendition was nothing short of fantastic, but we might be biased, seeing as we took our blog name from its lyrics VQ
Ed Steele

Dessa for Congress
After her rousing set on the big stage at the Prophet Bar, Doomtree MC and singer Dessa stuck around to greet the fans. But this was no handshake occasion - she was generous with her time, engaging in actual conversations and posing for photos and generally getting to know people. She'd have plenty of votes, is all I'm saying. KM

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