The 2013 Dallas Observer Music Award Nominees

For the 25th year, The Dallas Observer will honor the fine work of North Texas musicians (and a few behind-the-scenes people as well) with the Dallas Observer Music Awards.

We've asked experts of all stripes to help us compile a list of the area's best talent in 40 categories, which you can see below. From there, we picked the five that best represent this year's musical output. Determining which 40 of the 200 nominees win will be up to you -- we'll have a ballot live soon where you can vote. And of course this is all subjective. Many worthy artists did not make it onto the official ballot. You should definitely write them in. The winners will be announced at an award ceremony in early November.

This list of nominees also helps us determine the lineup for our annual Music Showcase, which will be held this year on Saturday, November 2 in Deep Ellum. Over 50 of the bands you see here will play that night on eight stages. Tickets are $10, and a presale starts today.

No one's still reading this, right? Here are the nominees, in alphabetical order:

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2013 Dallas Observer Music Award Nominees

General Awards: Page 2
Best Group Act
Best Solo Act
Best New Release
Best New Act
Best Song
Best Music Video
Best Live Act
Best Vocalist
Best Guitarist
Best Bassist
Best Drummer
Best Pianist/Keyboardist

Genre Awards: Page 3
Best Blues Act
Best Country Act
Best Alt-Country Act
Best Americana Act
Best Electronic Act
Best Experimental/Noise Act
Best Folk Act
Best Funk/R&B Act
Best Hardcore Act
Best Jazz Act
Best Latin/Tejano Act
Best Metal Act
Best Pop Act
Best Punk Act
Best Rock Act
Best Rap/Hip-Hop Act
Best Cover Band
Best DJ
Best Producer

Industry Awards: Page 4
Best Weekly DJ Night
Best Label
Best Live Music Venue
Best New Live Music Venue
Best Talent Buyer
Best Record Store
Best Radio Show/Podcast
Best Festival
Best Music Blog

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I would like it to be noted that all the bands in the best cover band category are "tribute" bands. There is a difference. Just ask the Gorehounds ;)


"No one's still reading this, right?"

is that a common attitude at the observer these days?


i'm curious what leg sweeper shows there were in 2013 bc i think their last show was in 2012...


Booty Fade is not a Producer. 


When in doubt, always go Centromatic.


How the hell are Blackstone Rangers Americana?


Heck yeah! Three country categories... you guys nailed it! (not really, you should probably replace one of those with a Reggae category) oh and keyboardists aren't good enough to have a category either, good call.


ah, got that one... ok. but seriously... fifteen country categories?!

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