Voting is Now Open for the 25th Dallas Observer Music Awards

Earlier this week, we announced this year's Music Award nominees. There are some 200 artists, bands and music industry moves and shakers represented, selected by our panel of experts. Who actually takes home trophies is up to you. Voting is now open:

Dallas Observer Music Awards 2013: Official Ballot

We do these awards, and the music showcase that goes along with them, for lots of reasons. We do them because we want to honor the people who make our jobs interesting. We do them to provoke discussion among passionate Dallas music fans. But most importantly we do them in the hopes that some people will discover a band they love in their hometown.

To that end, we encourage you to start with the category where you recognize the fewest names and look up one of those artists. If you want to sample broadly, we encourage you to check out that showcase, which will be held this year on November 2. Tickets are $10 and they're on sale now.

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This is All a crock of BS. The judges. The editors. All BS. When this actually has some weight in the industry, then you should reconvene. Until then, keep your opinions and homer votes to yourselves.


@c_squared09 'some weight in the industry' you mean like that joke called the Grammys? read back what this is about or keep to yourself.


 @ChrisYu @c_squared09 I know what it is all about trust me...maybe you should read back. I deal with jokes like this all day every day.

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