The 12 Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, October 31-November 6

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Jason Janik
Zhora plays Saturday at the Doublewide

Happy Halloween, ya freaks! Our favorite holiday is officially here, and boy are there a lot of different ways to celebrate this year. Throw on your costume tonight and catch a free copy of the latest Track Meet DJ Crew compilation, one of the best local rap bills of the year, or Swamp Dogg at the Kessler. Either way, stay safe in these streets, and for the love of god, no black face.

After a day of rest, get ready to hit the town again this weekend for another ridiculous amount of music festivals all taking place at once. We're excited to host our 25th Annual Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase this Saturday, and hope that you'll join us for a night of celebrating this city's rich and colorful music scene.

Bobby Patterson and Swamp Dogg
Thursday, October 31, at the Kessler Theatre

The Kessler's eclectic and wonderful programming continues with a peach of a Halloween show in the form of two old-timers, Swamp Dogg and Bobby Patterson. While Swamp Dogg, or Jerry Williams to his mom, plays some of the best soul music to never crack the mainstream, Bobby Patterson is a rollin' good time, a man who once spent five minutes telling me and a few hundred others how, before rap, he invented "talkin' in time" before freestyling for a while. His music is the best kind of '70s R&B, and you're guaranteed to leave smiling. Gavin Cleaver

The Golden Age Halloween Party
Thursday, October 31 at 141 Glass St.

Boasting one of the most comprehensive and compelling local hip hop lineups of the year, The Golden Age Halloween Party is the place to be this holiday. The bill features Tunk, -topic & Team From Nowhere, Buffalo Black, AZ, Tony Vice, Jenny Robinson, Bobby Sessions, Lord Byron, Taylor Effin Cleveland, and DJ D. Teknics. Ladies in costume get in free before 10pm. Vanessa Quilantan

Track Meet 02 Release Party
Thursday, October 31 at The Crown and Harp

In honor of their second compilation release, Track Meet DJ Crew is hitting The Crown and Harp with #FEELINGS labelmates, Ben Aqua and Supraman. Free physical copies of Track Meet 02 will be on hand, and it's free. This one is a no-brainer. VQ

The Fall Punkstravaganza
Friday, November 1, at the Double-wide

It may have been a while since you kicked in some heads with your freshly polished pair of Doc Martens, but you're never too old to enjoy the sheer majesty of watching a room full of youths and the young in spirit thrash each other to the wall with the raucous, rebellious noise of the punk music scene as the soundtrack. The Double-Wide will give you the chance to do just that by throwing a whole bunch of local punk music acts at you during its upcoming Fall Punkstravaganza. The lineup includes Darlington, The Faps and Responsible Johnny. Danny Gallagher

Doublewide's 10 Year Anniversary Party
Saturday, November 2 at Doublewide

To commemorate a decade of business, one of Dallas' most treasured dive bars is doing it big. The House Harkonnen, The Roomsounds, Dead Flowers, The Hazardous Dukes, PLISKIN, and ZHORA will share the bill and honor the occasion along with a secret surprise headliner. Happy birthday, Doublewide! VQ

Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Galactic
Saturday, November 2, at the Granada Theater

Established way back in 1977, New Orleans' Dirty Dozen Brass Band has been a staple on Bourbon Street ever since. Led by trumpeter Gregory Davis, the band has released more than 15 albums and has been featured on recordings by Elvis Costello, Joe Henry, Modest Mouse and Widespread Panic. The eclectic list of artists shows the uniqueness of the band. Eschewing the obvious sounds associated with New Orleans and even those associated with a brass band, this sometime seven-piece goes in all sorts of interesting directions whenever the feeling strikes. The move away from the expected influences has produced popular inroads that have allowed the Dirty Dozen Brass Band to tour and record often. It's a win for all involved, as music this joyous should never be restrained to one place. Adding to the fun is Galactic, another funky outfit hailing from New Orleans. Darryl Smyers

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What? No Young the Giant at Three Links next Tuesday?!?  Far and away the best show going. 

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