The New Dallas Cowboys Theme Song was Written and Performed by Dorrough

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Courtesy of Dorrough Music
Dallas' own Dorrough has officially put his mark on the city in creating the new Dallas Cowboys theme song. The track, "Our Time," will be the official walk out music and promotional audio for America's team. Stadium DJs played the song during last week's game against the Denver Broncos, but it will officially debut on Sunday.

Dorrough's "Ice Cream Paint Job" remains one of the city's most indelible hip-hop anthems, reaching as high as 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 and getting spins in clubs across the country.

In addition to the stadium version, "Our Time" will also be released nationally in an extended single format. Another version of the song, "Prime Time," will be used as the theme song for Dallas Observer BFF Dieon Sanders' reality show on NFL Network.

Now defunct Dallas rap group PPT recorded the Mavericks theme song a few years back. Now, the city's NFL franchise is following suit by incorporating Dallas' thriving rap scene with its diehard sports culture.

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