Untapped Festival at Gilley's, 9/7/13: Review and Photos

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Mike Brooks
The view of Untapped from The Loft

GC:: You'd better get used to Untapped. The Spune/Paste Magazine baby is beginning to spread out of Texas around the country, and the second Dallas incarnation (after a successful Fort Worth version earlier in the year) had shifted and expanded into the parking lot outside the Gilley's complex, complete with a delightful VIP area at The Loft's outstanding patio. Despite the mild inconvenience of having to drink 2oz of beer, then go and get another 2oz of beer, and so on and so forth, inebriation in the Dallas sunshine was inevitable and embraced by the crowd.

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Getting drunk feels better when you have to put so much effort into it, and besides, worse things have happened at sea and all that. Deciding on a new sample every 2oz of beer? It's like buying a new drink every three minutes. Whether that's a good or a bad thing depends on whether your sample cup requires another 1oz of beer or still has 1oz left.

The most high-energy act of the day, the insane syllables of Blackalicious' approach to rap, brought a crowd to full-on bouncing in the direct sunlight of three-digit heat, with no casualties whatsoever. Dallas crowds are made of stern stuff. In the UK, where the weather is normally the opposite of Texas, we have a thing we call a "beer jacket," where you drink beer to stay warm. Is the opposite true of Texas drinkers? Drinking cold beer to stay cool? If so, two questions -- can we call this "be-air conditioning," and does this make beer nature's most versatile beverage? Either way, I ain't standing in no crowd in this heat. I find some shade and think about pretzels and how anyone can do what Gift of Gab does with his mouth.

Mike Brooks

JPF: As beer drinking music fans jockey for position under the few spots of shade surrounding the main stage at the Gilley's complex, Blackalicious's Gift of Gab tossed a tongue twisting verse over a sample of Harry Nilsson's "Me and My Arrow," and to our left a 50-something beer fan looked impressed. He took a swig from his 2oz sample cup, smiled when Nilsson's voice sang the hook, and proceeded to bob his head when Gift of Gab unleashed another flurry. Another convert to the church of West Coast Alternative Hip-Hop had been born.

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Patrons mill about the festival grounds adorned in custom party necklaces that hold their tasting cups, trying strong lagers, porters, and ales while Blackalicious drives people to dance, and Leagues soundtracks people's lunches. It's meant to be a festival of beer/music equality, but the only time it feels like music takes precedence over beer is when the much hyped Cults take the stage.

Untapped has the air of something much bigger then last year's event. Everything is streamlined, the wristbands, and badges are fancier, VIPs are given goodie bags, and even the breweries handing out samples seem to have stepped up their game as they all seem to have little extras to give patrons.

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