The Doors' Drummer John Densmore is Coming to Dallas Tomorrow

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From the cover of Unhinged
Let's not bury the lede here: John Densmore played drums for one of the ten most famous rock bands ever, and he's coming to hang out with you at Good Records tomorrow, September 18, at 7:30 p.m. The occasion is a signing for his new book Unhinged: Jim Morrison's Legacy Goes on Trial, which deals with the band members' legal struggles over the years.

The deal is this: He'll sign copies of the book, but you have to buy them at Good Records. He'll also sign one other Doors item. Such as the soundtrack to the 2009 documentary When You're Strange, which you just might have because we're giving away two copies today.

The soundtrack contains 32 tracks in all -- a lot of Doors' songs, a lot of Johnny Depp reading Jim Morrison's poetry. Good stuff. You can win by going to our Facebook or Twitter pages, where I'll post some very easy questions.

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