The 12 Best & Worst Football Celebration Dances in Gif Form

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Football's back! Tony has a ball!

Football season has returned, and with it we are reminded of the ridiculous lengths some players will go to garner national attention. From recording songs, to appearing in commercials, to crafting signature end zone dances for when they score, players on all levels do their best to raise their Q-score with the public.

Hell, odds are we're going to see a player take the ball in for a score and start twerking at some point this season. With this in mind we've compiled a list of some of the best and worst dance moves ever brought out by our nation's football players, and we did it all with gifs. First, the five worst football dances ever.

Worst: Drew Stanton does the Dougie

When my dog misbehaves I stare at him and firmly say "No, no sir, we don't do that." The citizens of Detroit did this exact same thing to Drew Stanton when he did this.

Worst: Johnny Morton does the Worm

This is all the '90s fault. No one should ever do The Worm, it's the Keystone Light of dances. It should be avoided at all cost.

Worst: Victor Cruz Salsa Dance

Hey, NBC, go fuck yourself for pumping in salsa music on your broadcast whenever this guy does this.

Worst: Gangam Style

Proof positive that someone will twerk this season. NFL players are all about capturing the cultural zeitgeist of 6 months ago.

Worst: The Dirty Bird

Way back in 1999, Jamal Anderson's signature touchdown dance took over the world as every schoolyard score was celebrated by recreating the dance that led the Atlanta Falcons to a Super Bowl appearance. The dance, like Atlanta's time at the top, was short lived.

Worst: Ray Lewis Dance

Somewhere around the time he got off those charges, Ray Lewis decided he'd start every game by doing an intensely choreographed dance. Being known as the guy who got away with watching two people get killed was simply not enough. This dance would be showed by every network when broadcasting a Ravens game, thus overshadowing Lewis' criminal involvement in the deaths of two people, and his uncanny ability to jump on top of a a tackle after someone else did all the work.

Head over the page for the five best football dances ever.

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Warren Johnson
Warren Johnson

I remember back in the day when men would not do this childish attention grabbing crap. And if you did it in high school your own coach would knock you in to next week.


I'm a bit surprised that Jared Odrick's "tequila" dance isn't here.

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