Rebirth Brass Band, 9/7/13, Granada Theater: Review and Photos

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Zara Walsh

This weekend, a breezy early September night on the Lower Greenville strip hummed and glowed with Dallas' end of summer relief. It's finally getting to the point where the temperature is actually dropping, if just a few degrees, after dark. The idea of stepping out for a patio drink and some live music is becoming more appealing, and more comfortable as we approach the fall months. The right show on the right night can leave you feeling refreshed and inspirited for days afterwards. Like you have shaken off all the stressors and unfun bullshit of your day to day life, and let yourself go for a little bit. Rebirth Brass Band brought us all that and more this Saturday at The Granada Theater, throwing one of the livest parties this city has seen all summer long.

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Jam band Gravity Feed played as the crowd began to steadily trickle in, but they were slightly stiff compared what would follow. Local favorites and 2013 High Times Magazine Doobie Award winners, The Effinays, were a lively and fitting opener for the main event. While cohesive- their set is made up from a song from each of the genres they pull from- sultry Latin groove, followed by a funk-guitar freakout, followed by a reggae hip-swinger. What really set The Effinays apart is their showmanship and ability to rile up an audience. The banter is funny, the drum solo flip on "Niggas in Paris" is exciting, the acted out death and subsequent resurrection of saxophone player Julian "King" Ayacannoo was a playful romp.

When Rebirth hit the stage, things got serious. Those first few booming notes of the horns started in and the bass drum began to pop. The faint scent of rolled weed being sneak passed through the crowd loosened up the audience in preparation for the next 90 minutes they would spend up on their feet.

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GREAT review.  one of the best secrets about the Dallas music scene is our proximity to new orleans touring bands.  there are shows like this all the time - they are consistently awesome.  Dirty Dozen Brass Band and Galactic at the granada on Nov 1.


@Vanessa Quilantan Terrance Simian at the Kessler this weekend. Ahhh eeeee

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