Ray Wylie Hubbard Live in the Belmont: An Observer and Globe Trek Video

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Ray Wylie Hubbard graduated from high school in south Oak Cliff and now he's one of Texas Country's most recognizable and sturdy voices. Music writer Roy Kasten has been listening to Hubbard a lot longer than me, so I'll turn it over to him for the specifics: "Mostly he just wins listeners over with biting wit, ravishing images, serpentine stories and grooves so ugly and primal they should be growing scales."

A worthy steward of both this state's blues and country traditions, Hubbard is the latest to play for our Busking series with Globe Trek Productions. Below, he plays "Count My Blessings."

Busking Highlights
-Eisley at Panther Island Pavilion
-Whiskey Folk at the Foundry
-The Toadies' Vaden Todd Lewis at Klyde Warren Park
-Air Review in Deep Ellum
-Bean in AT&T Plaza

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