Nervous Curtains on Writing a Score for Tonight's Horror Remix at Alamo Drafthouse

From the event poster.

If you have never been out to see Horror Remix and their spliced and diced versions of long-forgotten, campy and sometimes even scary horror films ... well, then, put simply; you should go! Horror Remix's hilarious plays on theme, puppet humor, and surprising film curation are reason enough. But tonight's Horror Remix at the Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson at 9 p.m. takes on a Variety Show format, which means dear music lover, we are adding some live music to the remix.

Specifically in the form of Nervous Curtains, Dallas-based post-punk dark synth group, who will play an original score to an edited version of the film BLOODBEAT, a film about a rural woman possessed by the spirit of a Japanese samurai warrior.

The band is a perfect match for horror movie underscoring. I caught up briefly with Nervous Curtain's lead vocalist and keyboard instrumentalist Sean Kirkpatrick before they premiere their score tonight.

Were you already familiar with BLOODBEAT?

No. The movies that EJ (Anttila) finds for Horror Remix are so long forgotten, if ever even known to many people at all. He has tapped into a pretty absurd level of obscurity in the world of horror films that is pretty unheard of. He's watched hundreds of terrible movies to discover these gems for Horror Remix fans.

And are you all big horror fans?

Sure. We grew up in the '80s watching the big Wes Craven and John Carpenter movies. Then we got older and discovered all the classics, European horror films, and so on.

Is tonight's work an original score or is it a live version of the music already in the film?

It is an original score. We actually haven't heard any of the audio from BLOODBEAT since we were given the Horror Remix 30-minute edit of the movie with no audio at all. So we interpreted only what was happening on the screen in writing and rehearsing this music.

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