Revenge Porn Provocateur Hunter Moore is DJing a Show at Club Zouk

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Dustin Fenstermacher
Hunter Moore was the subject of a Village Voice cover story last year.
Hunter Moore hasn't technically been in business with the notoriously sleazy site "Is Anyone Up?" for some time. But he'll forever be associated with the revenge porn site he maintained for years.

Since the site shut down in 2012, Moore's had more time to dedicate to traveling around the country, making appearances and DJing, instead of just being possibly "the most hated man on the Internet," a title bestowed on him by, among others, Rolling Stone. He'll be in town this Saturday at Club Zouk for a live show. What could go wrong?

For the uninitiated (lucky you!), Moore's now-defunct website allowed anonymous guys and gals to get revenge on their exes by submitting nude pictures of them for the world to see. Once the site got the attention of the mainstream media and social networking circles, the knives came out to push Moore out of business, and he eventually relented amid reports of an FBI investigation to determine the nature of his relationship with a hacker who provided him with some of the compromising photos and some lawsuits including a successful defamation suit from the man who supposedly convinced him to take down his site and atone for his cyber sins.

If nothing else, he is a very particular sort of celebrity, one very much of this era. So head out to Zouk to gawk if you like. Maybe wear extra layers.

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