Someone Lit a Couch on Fire Outside Good Records Last Night [Update]

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Josh Donnell

Update, 9/10, 3:50 p.m.: Josh Donnell happened to be passing by during last night's couch fire at Good Records. He sent a few photos, including the one above, and two more below.

Original post follows.

When Jacob Douglas arrived for work at Good Records this morning, he hadn't heard the rumors about the fire at the Greenville Avenue store. And he might never have heard about it if a co-worker hadn't told him. So he went poking around, and he found a blackened couch behind the store, at the corner of Hope Street and La Vista Court. "We were open until 11," he says. "I wasn't here last night, so I don't know when it could have happened ... but there is a burnt-out couch outside in the back."

Last night, Good Records hosted a last-minute listening party for The Arcade Fire's new single, "Reflektor." They were giving away T-shirts and buttons and the like and selling the song on 12-inch vinyl with a B-side. The actual fire started sometime after all that, obviously.

We don't know how the couch got there or why it was on fire, but don't fret, Lower Greenville. The ever-popular East Dallas storefront is unscathed. Good Records is open for business as usual.

Josh Donnell

Josh Donnell

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That couch was the new Black Moth Super Rainbow album.

Ash Cline
Ash Cline

First, I enjoy Arcade Fire... Especially for some reason in the Fall time they can be fun. Second, I'm from Morgantown, WV and we know something about burning couches. ;)

Jason Harris
Jason Harris

Too much hype over nothing.. much like Arcade Fire.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Meh. Maybe you could write about the abandoned grocery cart on the opposite corner in the follow up to your series.

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