Your Guide to Fall in Dallas

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Jay Barker

Those 9 p.m. sunsets are creeping closer and closer to a reasonable hour. The heat stays but something about the sticky September afternoons reminds us of summer's conclusion. Whatever magic it brings is dwindling. The school zones have lit up, those of us with summer vacations have bid them adieu and those of us without them must stop pretending we were ever on one.

And there is that tendency to will the fall back and hold on to the summer. One last swim, we keep calling it, though we all know it will be hot enough to jump in a pool till at least October. And the stubborn wardrobe changes, my personal seasonal dance to those autumnal gods, means wearing boots and blazers far too soon. Changing my drink order from gin to bourbon, in an effort to signal to the universe that I am ready for the coming fall.

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And as we find ourselves halfway through September, it all feels so very September-y. As much as we complain of the business of the holidays or festival seasons, it is this early fall season when Dallas calendars fill up, when events launch and when you can decide to go full blast in nearly every Dallas circus ring, should you choose.
We don't want you to forget a thing this fall at The Overserved, and in the interest of helping you do it all in style we offer some tips on keeping your September calendar together. As with any new school year, you may need some supplies, a costume or two that invoke a lot of confidence and the flexibility to plan out every minute of the month -- and ditch your plans when an adventure comes your way.

DSO Conductor Jaap Van Zweden

Your Fall in Highbrow

The gala season kicks off in September, and in Dallas you will be starting with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's opening night on Saturday, which gives you a reason to dust off that tux or full-length gown. You'll be there for the music, of course. This year the socialite season kicks off with no less a diva than soprano Renee Fleming, joining rock star conductor Jaap van Zweden, but the party won't end there. Stay for the afterparty to witness Dallas-level decadence as the yuppies, the music snobs and the one percenters mix it up. It's no Art Ball in terms of immoderation but the Champagne-only bar just east of DJ Lucy Wrubel gives every gala in town a run for its bubbly. It. Is. Everywhere.

What you will need: well-heeled shoes comfortable enough to dance in, the memory that the lobby bars at the Meyerson still serve hard liquor during the afterparty portion of the night and whatever well-fitting shallow sparkly thing makes you stand the tallest amongst the beautiful people. Drink some water.

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Why would a rational person want to will the fall back and hold on to the summer? Brian Wilson himself would have cursed the summer had he lived in Texas.


La clarté des passions.

Le sens,

l'amour qui

revient dans

l'aube d'un

poème, l'automne,

la tendresse,

le chant du


Francesco Sinibaldi 


Why would a rational person drive to the great State Fair of Texas and worry about parking when DART drops you off literally at the front gate? Find your nearest train station, buy a ticket, and don't worry about parking near Fair Park.


@Daniel At some point in April, I will beg for the heat. And at some point in August, I will beg for the cold. No one said it was rational.


@P1Gunter I always go by DART. So easy! It can be a bit crowded if you leave at closing or go at game time, but keep that in mind and it will be the best State Fair trip ever.


@P1Gunter Totally, true and I have used the DART on normal Fair Days with the greatest of ease, those game days though public transport hasn't always been predictable. For high attendance days at the Fair, I always go with cab. Also, I may go to the Fair too much.

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