The Many Hairstyles of Erykah Badu: Photos

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Danny Hurley
This weekend, Erykah Badu was the grand marshal of the Natural Hair Parade, which ended with a festival at the Pan-African Connection across from Fair Park. The parade and festival are the efforts of Isis Brantley, who has long been an outspoken defender of African-American identity. She was arrested in 1997 for braiding hair without a license and has used her work as a stylist to talk about larger issues in the community. Erykah Badu was a natural fit to lead this weekend's festivities because of her own longstanding use of art to elevate broad cultural discussion. And, of course, she is a fashion icon.

This weekend she wore a headdress and thigh-length braids. Here are some of the other styles she's employed in her hometown recently.

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Mike Brooks
Prophet Bar, July 16, 2013

Bill Ellison/The Granada
Granada Theater, February 26, 2013

Mike Brooks
Granada Theater, January 2012

Mike Brooks
Prophet Bar, September 2011

Mattie Stafford
Good Records, April 2010

Patrick Michels
Victory Plaza, October 2009

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