The Five Best UK Bands You've Never Heard Of

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Rob Webb
For the glory of Mother Britain!

There's a reason you associate our accent with fashionable music of the last fifty years. We've produced some great bands. The thing is, there's a whole undercurrent you're missing out on over there. You know you have favorite obscure American bands, who you'd go and see whenever they come through town to small crowds and no acclaim whatsoever? It's the same with any country's music scene. Bands bubble under, never getting the necessary big break, and certainly never crossing the ocean. Here's a few of my favorites from back home.

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A ska-metal band from Milton Keynes, a town famous only for being planned by an American and thus the subject of much derision in the UK for its adherence to straight lines and an understandable layout. Capdown themselves are a strange beast, one minute furious ska (which, with bands like (Spunge) and Four Foot Fingers, was all the rage in the UK in the late '90s and early 2000s as another generation grew up to re-discover The Specials) and the next minute breaking into stoner metal. Sometimes both these things happen at once. It's odd how well both genres blend together.

Victorian English Gentlemens Club

Some of the finest angular art-rock of the early 2000s came from this sharply dressed Cardiff group, whose eponymous debut album deserved about 25129867 times more acclaim than it actually received. A series of songs about characters around South Wales that sound a bit like Pixies went to art school and developed a finer appreciation for hallucinogens, it's catchy the whole way through. You can still buy it on iTunes. You'll be humming each of the tunes for a week, especially the utterly demented "My Son Spells Backwards."

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That Queen Adreena song was pretty cool.

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