Yung Nation's Rooftop Pool Party: Photos

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Digital Exec Merk
On the afternoon of Saturday, August 3, some of the young favorites of the local hip-hop scene gathered at Revive, a pool bar on the roof of Glass in Uptown (1899 McKinney Ave.). The event included music from multiple DJs, appearances by various local rappers, drinks, hookahs and, of course, beautiful women.

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Revive Splash, as the event was called, was open to anyone ages 18 and up. Digital Exec Merk, manager of Duncanville rap duo Yung Nation, told me that they wanted an event for all the kids headed back to college soon. While the crowd was mostly younger, the pool party brought together people from various backgrounds -- a crowd that reflected Dallas' hip-hop scene.

The event was hosted by DJ White Boy Boogie, who inspired a song by the GS Boyz. On top of Yung Nation, some local artists were in attendance, like Lil Zac, DJ Blakk, Block, who was passing out his new single "3Bs," and Lil Ronny MothaF, whom we've written about before.

Digital Exec Merk

Digital Exec Merk

Digital Exec Merk

Digital Exec Merk

Wes Trimble
Local DJ Icon South

Digital Exec Merk
Yung Nation

Digital Exec Merk
Will Bolt of Matrimoney Clothing, Q. Taylor of Access Dallas and DJ White Boy Boogie

Mac McCann

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