The Ten Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, August 1-7

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Todd Wolfson
Ray Wylie Hubbard plays Saturday's 95.3 The Ranch Cooler-N-Hell Fest.
So who's ready for B L A C K I E to scare some people at Good Records today? We certainly can't wait. If you weren't already going (to this one or the show tomorrow at Macaroni Island in Denton), please read the great Shea Serrano's excellent profile of the Houston artist, published in our sister paper there.

If yelling doesn't appeal to you, there's plenty more this week: cult leader Lil B at the Prophet Bar, Courtney Love at House of Blues, a pair of mega-tours at Gexa and so on. Though actually there will probably be yelling at all of this. If you don't like yelling, maybe just go to a library.

Lil B
Thursday, August 1 | $20/$22 | The Prophet Bar

Lil B resides in an interesting spot in the current hip-hop scene. His haters really hate him. But he has many lovers: rabid Twitter followers dutifully hashtagging #GirlTime, NYU students who brought him to lecture on campus and a cross-section of hip-hop intellectuals who view him as less of a rapper than a theorist. Lil B certainly makes it easy for his detractors by choosing quantity over quality with his mixtape releases. Yet there's something endearing and downright mystical about Lil B.
Lee Escobedo

Zorch, B L A C K I E, Bludded Head
Thursday, August 1 | Free | Good Records

Alien kings of synth-metal Zorch return to Dallas on the Thursday after The Sword and Dillinger (or Friday in Denton, if you prefer weekends, at Macaroni Island). They're playing a house show, which as far as I can discern, is entirely free and features free alcohol provided by a sponsor. Houston one-man noise violation B L A C K I E is the support, making this gig unmissable. Gavin Cleaver

The Monkees
Friday, August 2 | $39.50-$129.50 | Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie

The long, strange story of The Monkees reads like a history of pop music itself. In the band's heyday in the late '60s, The Monkees actually outsold both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. After being revealed to be puppets playing to other people's music under the control of producer Don Kirshner, the fortunes of the band plummeted. Even when it was the members actually playing their own instruments, that couldn't help The Monkees' confusing dive into psychedelia and other assorted genres. But when simply considered for creating uncomplicated pop songs, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, Mickey Dolenz and the late Davy Jones were rarely matched. And seeing today that so many pop stars are manipulated by producers and various executives and that many of them have never written a song, The Monkees' transgressions certainly appear trifling.
Darryl Smyers

Vans Warped Tour
Friday, August 2 | $37.50 | Gexa Energy Pavilion

Like it or not, the Warped Tour doesn't play to the punk purist. If you think things were better back in '77, '81, '89, '94 or '99, well, don't bother. The Warped Tour's multi-dozen acts are all about the right now. Happening on a Friday this year, pop-punk, metalcore, ska, dance-pop and acoustic acts will demand your attention all throughout the hot day. This year's lineup features a lot of local bands -- a lot more than usual. You have Bowling for Soup, Forever the Sickest Kids, Crown the Empire and Oh, Sleeper all repping the DFW area. Expect big crowds for Chiodos, Never Shout Never, The Story So Far, and Woe Is Me, but definitely seek out some great acts like Motion City Soundtrack and Mixtapes. There's something for everyone, if you search hard enough and stay adequately hydrated.
Eric Grubbs

Steve Carlson, Major 7th, Rania Khoury
Friday, August 2 | $10 | The Prophet Bar

The Prophet Bar's small room has long been a platform for the singer-songwriter. The intimate setting provides a perfect platform for a full band to a single guitar and mic. Hotel Cafe regular Steve Carlson will be stopping through to grace Dallas with his particular brand of country-tinged folk rock. His cover of Elliot Smith's "Angeles" with television actor Jensen Ackles (of Supernatural fame) is a popular fan favorite. Local siren Rania Khoury is no doubt expected to steal the show, as she debuts her new album, Stone Wolf. Khoury, who has played The Prophet Bar many times, will be doing so with a full backing band for the first time. From Stone Wolf, fans can expect to see a different side of Khoury. As she steps out of her shell creatively, a bigger, more fully realized sound will pleasantly surprise and impress. Influences like Adele and Amy Winehouse still shine through, but Khoury's incredibly powerful voice has truly evolved into a sound entirely her own.
Vanessa Quilantan

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Rudy Cruz
Rudy Cruz

Hey it'll only be 105 degrees there. GEXA sucks.

Leslie Martin-Breslin
Leslie Martin-Breslin

Half of them are dead and Mike doesn't tour does he. So isn't it just Peter Tork.


This Will Kill You: SATURDAY AUG 3rd 

18 Bands / $10 for 21+ and $15 for -21




Damage Case (Dallas) 12:30am Down Stairs

Side Effects (oakland, CA) 11:30pm Down Stairs

Talk Sick Brats (Houston) 10:30pm Down Stairs

Pissed Grave (Dallas) 9:30pm Down Stairs

Bad Machine (Dallas) 8:30pm Down Stairs

Bloody Knives (Austin) 7:30pm Down Stairs

Casa Magnetica (Dallas) 6:30pm Down Stairs


Fungi Girls (Fort Worth) 12:00am Up Stairs

UrineTrouble ****Reunion (dallas, philly, NYC) 11:00pm Up Stairs

The Golden Boys (Austin) 10:00pm Up Stairs

Violent Squid (Denton) 9:00pm Up Stairs

Street Arabs (Dallas) 8:00pm Up Stairs

Gory Details (Austin) 7:00pm Up Stairs

Pagiins (Fayetteville, AR) 6:00pm Up Stairs

HWLN (ATX) 5:30pm Down Stairs

Resin Hands (Fayetteville, AR) 5:00pm Up Stairs

Doom Ghost (Fort Worth) 4:30pm Down Stairs

John Wayne’s Bitches (Norman OK) 4:00pm Up Stairs

- See more at:


@Leslie Martin-Breslin    its all three surviving monks. dolenz was the holdout, but he returned this year. 

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