The Seven Best Concerts In Dallas This Week, August 8-14

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Man, the Polyphonic Spree have not aged well.

Whether you're in the mood to bounce around with the shiny, happy people of The Polyphonic Spree, or get your eardrums blasted by The Melvins' dual drummers this week has a little bit of everything for Dallas music fans. Saturday is especially packed with options for your ear holes: Denton indie rock sweethearts The New Science Projects will bring a little bit of the little D to Oak Cliff, and Austin country guitar favorite, Monte Montgomery will bring the good ol' boys out to Granada.

Maybe you feel like something a little different, a little fun in the sun perhaps? The Design District Market this Saturday not only has a great live music lineup, but a luxurious dumpster pool for you to clock in as much more time in your swim suit as Summer 2013 will allow. So give Netflix a break this weekend (Orange Is The New Black is not going anywhere Ed. You haven't finished OITNB yet?) and get out there, there's plenty of good shows to be seen.

The Polyphonic Spree
Friday, August 9, at Granada Theater

In 2007, as part of the "MLS Represent" Campaign, Dallas darlings The Polyphonic Spree penned the theme song for FC Dallas, "H-O-O-P-S YES," in which a choir chimes in with the chorus, "Where in the world do you think you can go? There's no hiding from this Dallas, Texas, fate." The Polyphonic Spree certainly aren't hiding from their local beginnings, and a long and storied career has taken them all over the world, where they've brought fans of symphonic pop and campy productions together in harmony, so to speak.
At what may be the biggest album release show in Dallas this year, The Polyphonic Spree will celebrate their newest release, Yes, It's True, at the Granada on Friday, in grand, symphonic and theatrical fashion. What else would you expect from Tim DeLaughter and his upbeat pop troupe, with its history of grandiose theatrical live performances and its first original album recording in six years? They've generated a fan base well beyond the Dallas city limits, but their hometown will be happy to celebrate. The charming folk stylings of Harper Simon and local favorites Telegraph Canyon open. Aaron Ortega

ronnie heart - real bad (live) from Ronnie Heart on Vimeo.

Design District Market
Saturday, August 10, at Dallas Contemporary

Jamie'll tell you all about the dumpster pool at this thing over on Mixmaster, our arts blog. We're in it for the bands here on DC9, and they are some of the most entertaining in Dallas (The Effinays), Denton (The Birds of Night) and Fort Worth (Ronnie Heart), respectively. KM

New Science Projects
Saturday, August 10, at The Foundry

Home to Josh Hammertimez's residency, the Foundry in Oak Cliff, run by the owners of Bolsa and Smoke, is one half amazing chicken restaurant and one half amazing patio and performance arena.
Which sets up a set by Denton's New Science Projects, who are recently back in Dallas from a tour of our nation's nether regions. Part of Gutterth Records, the band describes its off-stage interests as "Winstar World Casino, cream cheese on hot dogs, German history, sexual exploration, Going Choctaw and MetCards." So it should be a strange and unsettling evening. Catch them at The Foundry at 8 p.m. Saturday, and be part of the refreshingly strange projects popping up around the Oak Cliff and Trinity Groves neighborhoods. Lee Escobedo

Eyes Wings and Many Other Things
Saturday, August 10, at The Amsterdam Bar

The gloomy guitars will be out in force Saturday in Deep Ellum -- mainstay Eyes Wings and Many Other Things headlines a bill that also features Austin's Technicolor Hearts, the surf demons of Spacebeach and relative newcomer Frauen, who I can tell you from experience kick plenty of ass. Also this is free, so buy merch and beers and things. Kiernan Maletsky

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Blake Wilson
Blake Wilson

Buzzo's hair and 100+ degree temperatures; let the battle begin!


classic caption writing today, DC9.

Nathaniel Heidenheimer
Nathaniel Heidenheimer

Tonight on Black Op Radio: Doug "love me tender" Valentine on "The CIA and Daniel Ellsberg" Also part 3 of the Joseph McBride's interview on his amazing new book "Into the Nightmare: My Search For the Killers of President John F. Kennedy and Officer J.D. Tippit. Valentine ranks with Professor Alfred McCoy as the pioneering researchers on the CIA and the international narcotics trade and its connection to US foreign policy. To prepare for the mellowness, why not listen to part II of the McBride Interview in case you missed it last week:

Ben Baker
Ben Baker

Dustin Perkins: Magical Year Produces New Album, Curious Tour Fort Worth, Texas - July 17, 2013 - The new album by Texas songman Dustin Perkins is the most musically sophisticated and ambitious work of his stellar 4-year career. Perkins has always been a passionate writer and performer, but he raised the bar to its highest notch when creating WORDS. “This album means everything to me,” he said. “I’ve got my heart, my soul, and my guts all poured into it, not to mention my last dime and everything I could beg, borrow, and steal. I’ve got, essentially, every part of my being involved in this record.” Perkins represents the “Tex-Next” genre of young artists combining traditional Texas Music with a contemporary spirit. He practically lived at SG Studios in Fort Worth for the better part of 3 months while recording these songs with producer/musician Greg White. The result is an amazing album filled with inventive musicians creating a body of work that’s commercial enough to sell, while remaining steeped in the indie spirit that Perkins embodies. WORDS veers seamlessly from pop to country to blues without ever losing the rootsy vibe that Perkins instills in everything he does. And he’s in top voice here, singing from his core on every song. You can almost hear his heartbeat coming through the mix. With the release of WORDS, Perkins kicks off his accompanying Bag of Bones Tour on Aug. 17 in a most unusual manner – hitting the road with nothing but $100 in his pocket, a full tank of gas, his guitar and CDs to “see if it is possible for a man to survive off nothing but his music.”

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