Patty Griffin will Play the Kessler in October; Tickets are Almost Sold Out Already

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Legendary Americana songwriter Patty Griffin is going on tour this fall, and the October 26 date at the Kessler Theater is already almost sold out, less than a day after it went on sale. As of right now, only suites and standing room spots remain. So get going now.

Griffin has written hits for artists like The Dixie Chicks, Linda Rondstadt, Jessica Simpson, Solomon Burke and more. Her most recent album, American Kid came out on May 7 and is already the most commercially successful full-length effort of her nearly two-decade career.

What would have been her third album, Silver Bell, was caught in label limbo but will finally see a release in early October. It was recorded in 2000 and features Emmylou Harris on one of the backing vocal tracks. It also includes "Top of the World" and "Truth #2," which were both hits for the Dixie Chicks.

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