The Day Tommy Stinson Joined Old 97's in the Studio: Photo Essay

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Jeff Scroggins
The Old 97's (Ken Bethea, Philip Peeples, Rhett Miller, Murry Hammond) at Pleasantry Lane Studios, Dallas, TX.
This week's music feature is a series of photos from a recent day in the studio with Old 97's, who are currently working on a new album. This particular day, captured in detail by photographer Jeff Scroggins, was different from the others, though, partly because Rhett Miller started out in a sling and partly because of the company, which included Tommy Stinson of the Replacements. Scroggins ends his written account of the day this way:

They didn't get through two songs before Miller'd had enough. He picked up his guitar and was determined to play. Excruciating pain or not, he was going to play.

The day came and went and who knows what will end up on the record. But rock 'n' roll royalty is not restricted to Los Angeles, London or New York. Legends are made here in North Texas, too, and, at least in the case of the Old 97's, they aren't going anywhere soon.

We could only include a handful of Scroggins' photos in print, but you can see a larger collection here.

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Jeff Scroggins
Old 97's work on new songs at Pleasantry Lane Studio, Dallas.

Jeff Scroggins
Bethea discusses his love for his Landric custom guitar.

Jeff Scroggins
Hammond and Miller play through a new song.

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