Kim Lenz on Rockabilly: "Where Black Music and White Music Came Together"

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Kim Lenz
Kim Lenz and the Jaguars play old school rockabilly with a fire and passion that is often missing from the hordes of retro-shtick, dress up cover bands that plague many music scenes. With a campy sense of humor and a ferocious persona, Lenz is a visual and musical magnet.

Although Lenz grew up in San Diego and Phoenix, she did spend quite a few years in our area. From a tour stop in Rochester, New York and in anticipation of tonight's show at the Double Wide, Lenz spoke with DC9 about her time living in Dallas and how she lost her Dallas Observer Music Award.

Many genres come and go, but rockabilly has had some longevity. It was popular in the fifties and sixties, but seemed to fade until the Stray Cats became massively popular in the 80's.

I am going to give you a little primer here. Rockabilly is an American art form that is where black music and white music came together. It was hillbilly bands trying to do what rhythm and blues bands were doing. It was the first time that white people made anything close to rock and roll. Black people made rock and roll in the forties, but the lead instrument was the saxophone or the piano. Rockabilly was the first time that rock was done with a lead guitar. This was Bill Haley and that kind of stuff. That is traditional rock. That's what you would call rockabilly of that time period. The Stray Cats were an '80s pop band. They were great at what they did. They were an 80's pop band with a Teddy Boy kind of influence. I can't reconcile what they do with what I do. I get really confused when people say that they are rockabilly. What is happening lately is that the word rockabilly is being used to describe tattoos, burlesque and all these other things. All of these are great things, but they are not the American art form that is rockabilly music. People keep playing real rockabilly music because it is the flashpoint, an amazing time for music.

Rockabilly music seems like it is just fun to play.

It is because it's that point of excitement. I consider myself a roots musician. I play blues, rockabilly, rock and roll, and country; all of those things that are interrelated. A lot of bands say that they are rockabilly when they are clearly garage rock bands. Some country bands call themselves rockabilly. The word for me is confusing nowadays. I just call myself a roots musician.

A lot of bands that play rockabilly were vintage clothing. Does that make it more of a gimmick?

Well, I wear vintage clothing. But that is the thing. Do you want to be a gimmicky, 50's cover bands? Or do you want to make new music. Say I was around in 1958 and I was signed to Capitol Records. I would not be trying to sound like other people. I would be trying to use the experiences of my life and making my own new music. That is what I am trying to do now. I am not trying to copy any specific rockabilly or any other artist.

When did the reviewer in Rolling Stone write, "If Elvis had been a woman, he probably would have sounded just like Kim Lenz."?

I think that was on my last record in 2009. That is a cool quote. That think just keeps floating around forever. That is a pretty nice thing to say. I don't think I sound like Elvis, but I will take it.

You kind of have that Elvis sneer.

Yes, that's what people say. I've always had that. I don't know where it comes from. It's just part of me. I am not trying to be like Elvis.

Do you like peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches?

No, I don't.

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Despite the proofing errors it was a pretty insightful article- gave  her space to clear up some of the cliche perceptions about rockabilly. Seen her innumerable times in the 90s here in Dallas.
There are a lot of reasons for the music scene here being irreversibly washed up (it is- face it) but its not just here. A lot of the issues go further. The year 2013 and our crap culture that kills authenticity is the prime player.  I admire her.


nobody proofreads anymore


Rip it up KL!

Peanut butter, mayo, bacon and dill pickle relish makes a real good sandwich. Dare ya...


great to see Kim back out there. since DC9 likes to do those 'lists', how about Dallas best rockabilly bands. or could some commenters make some suggestions please?

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