Kidd Kraddick Memorial, Featuring Ben Folds, Mark Cuban, the Jonas Brothers and More

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Mike Brooks
Kidd brings people together.

Kidd Kraddick Memorial
August 15, 2013
AT&T Plaza in Victory Plaza

Last night's open-to-the-public memorial for Kidd Kraddick was a very moving and surprisingly upbeat affair. Feeling like a live episode of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, there wasn't any sugarcoating about Kidd's death, but there were plenty of laughs and good feelings all around.

Fellow KISS-FM DJ Billy the Kidd emceed the hour-long event from a stage built in front of the American Airlines Center. Shaded by the opposing metal and glass buildings, there was a steady stream of guests who came up and shared. First was American Idol alum (and Fort Worth native), Tim Halperin. Thanking Kraddick for the support over the years and even writing songs with him, Halperin covered Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" and then played his own tune, "The Last Song (I'll Write for You)."

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Kraddick's daughter Caroline came out and covered Coldplay's "Yellow" with Halperin on piano. Believing that the song's lyrics "emulate my dad," Caroline sang with conviction and sincerity, and it didn't feel like an audition for a singing competition.

Mark Cuban shared short reminisces about Kraddick back when Cuban owned and when he purchased the Mavericks. Recalling the times they'd high-five when Kraddick sat at half court, Cuban closed with a request for parents to hug your kids.

The remaining members of the morning show shared some of their favorite clips from the show on the big screen TVs. Lightening things up with stories that felt like a PG-rated roast, the stories were in good taste. After showing the "Kellie's Wrong" dance and various other hi-jinks, José "J-Si" Chavez announced that the show will continue. Calling Kraddick "the best teacher in the world," Chavez found no reason to stop.

Kraddick's charity foundation, Kidd's Kids, had a video retrospective featuring the Jonas Brothers. That was followed by a brief surprise appearance by the Brothers themselves and high-pitched screams. A steady stream of videotaped tributes followed from members of Blue October, Good Charlotte, Hanson, and Forever the Sickest Kids, along with Dr. Phil McGraw.

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The irony of this happening outside the Cumulus offices is just too much.

Mary Verrett Potter
Mary Verrett Potter

Surely the Memorial was videoed. Please offer it for those of us who could not be there. The proceeds could be donated to Kidd's Kids.

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