Watch the Performance That Got Joe King Carrasco Banned From SNL

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What, this lovable guy? Photo by Kim Galusha
This week's music feature is an interview with Joe King Carrasco, the king of Tex-Mex Rock 'n' Roll, who was born in the Panhandle and lives in Puerto Vallarta today. His most recent album is a reunion with El Molina, a band that features several members of the Texas Tornadoes. Carrasco is a youthful punk and always has been -- something captured most visibly, perhaps, by his 1981 SNL performance. In our interview, he says he talked to a producer friend from the show who told him the display was enough to put him on an (at the time) very short list of artists who would never be allowed back on the set. It's no Pope-photo-ripping or on-stage riot, but it's a great introduction to the spirit of Joe King. Watch below.

You even went on to perform on SNL in 1981. What was that like?

It was pretty cool. I think I freaked them out. I was really wild then. Of course, I am still wild now. I think I went outside the range of the camera guys. A producer who later got fired said that there were three acts that would never appear on that show again: me, Captain Beefheart and Miles Davis. I thought that was pretty cool company.

Were you nervous to perform on national TV?

A little bit, but you know, it is so rehearsed. You just show up and do the songs. You hope you get it right. Sure, I was nervous.

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cocaine is a hell of a drug - sir richard james


Not baggin' on Joe - but no where even close to the performance Fear gave on SNL


ChrisYu topcommenter

he used to do that in the Greenville Ave clubs seemed like every week.


This got him banned?  If it was the Stones. Lorne Michaels would have tripped over himself saying how great it was and invited him back the next week.  You sure it wasn't a lack of commercial success that kept him off?


@itchyjack I bet you have a one-up for every fucking topic that exists.

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