Gorilla Vs. Bear Festival Attendees Review The Show, The Blog and Dallas

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All photos by Zara Walsh

This Friday, Dallas-based music blog Gorilla Vs. Bear hosted their third annual festival at Granada Theater. Local music fans flocked to the historic venue to watch Booty Fade, Empress Of, HAERTS, Blue Hawaii, and Danny Brown share the stage. We talked to the crowd to see how the night's festivities went.



What brings you here tonight?
Dope music. Booty Fade, Danny Brown. All the cool people.

What did you think of Booty Fade's set?
Man, they're doing it, they're doing it. It's Dallas club music, and they're bringing everybody together, no matter what.

Do you read GvB?
I haven't, but I came out to last year's show. That was a sick lineup. I'm a huge Glass Candy fan, I'm a huge Cromatics fan. And then on top of that, I got to see Twin Sister, I know Kendrick Lamar sampled them on "The Recipe". And to hear that song live was the best part. I like last year's lineup more, but this year's different. I'm not really up to par with a lot of the bands on the bill except Danny Brown, but it's a good turn out. There's a lot of people here. Everyone's having fun.

Are you from Dallas?
I'm a transplant, I'm a California transplant, but I've been out here for five years. I like it, I love it. It feels like home. It's different. Great music, great people, everyone's out to have a good time, and that's what I'm about.



What brought you out tonight?
Danny Brown, I've never seen him before. He's a crazy dude, I just want to see his wacky antics on stage.

Are you expecting any onstage blowjobs tonight?
Maybe. I mean, I'm not going to be giving any out.

Where did you get your shirt?
I went out to Las Vegas for work, and I went to a Wal Mart and I wanted to find the tackiest shirt I could find. Then I wore it for three days.

What do you do?
I'm a marketing assistant. It's not as cool as it sounds. I got to go to Vegas and other places, but I just do all the stuff that nobody else wants to do.

How does Dallas compare to the other cities you've been to?
Dallas is tight, I love Dallas. I'm not from here, I'm from Fort Worth. But I like coming out to Dallas, it's a different scene. It's very waspy there, and in Dallas it's like, I can wear this shirt out and everyone's like, "Hey, nice shirt!"

Do you read Gorilla Vs. Bear?
No. I mostly read hip-hop blogs.

What kind of hip hop do you like?
Right now, I really love Danny Brown obviously. Action Bronson, who's gonna be here next Saturday, that's gonna be tight. Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar.

What did you think of Kendrick's "Control" verse?
It was a cool verse, but I'm honestly a bigger fan of Jay Electronica... people say that he's more of like a myth than an actual rapper, because he doesn't put shit up. So anytime you hear stuff by him, it's cool.



Who are you here to see?
Empress Of, and I've seen Danny Brown before, but he's awesome, he's such a fun rapper. And Blue Hawaii.

What'd you think of Empress Of?
She's so amazing, she's younger than I thought she would be... Super powerful voice. I liked her a lot.

Do you read GvB?
I actually didn't learn about it until this week. A friend of mine posted a Facebook status about this event, and I love coming to the Granada. I just moved back to Dallas, but I went to high school here at Lake Highlands, and I would come here all the time to see shows... I keep up with other music blogs, but I had never heard of this one before.

What blogs do you read?
Pretty Much Amazing, Pitchfork, Stereogum, sometimes Brooklyn Vegan.



What do you do?
I'm an advertiser, you could say. I'm a brand planner at The Richards Group.

Have you been to GvB Festival before?
I did, it was either last year or the year before, but I don't remember which one. I was in Austin for a while... I went to school at UT for four years.

How do you think Dallas' music scene compares to Austin's?
Well, they're very different, but they're not so far a part so a lot of the shows that come through Austin will stop in Dallas too. So I don't really feel like I'm missing out on anything. But Austin just has a different vibe and they have more festivals.

Do you read GvB?
Yeah, not as diligently as I used to. But I've been following this blog since high school, for like seven years now. So kind of like, an embarrassingly long time- but it's awesome! It's a good source for me. I would find an .mp3, download it, then go find a way to download the rest of them from some sketchy site or something. It is one of the last .mp3 blogs and now I have Spotify, and that's pretty much all I use. It's like the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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