Elm Street Music and Tattoo Festival: Full Schedule

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Earlier, we told you about the sudden, rapid expansion of Oliver Peck's Elm Street festival. This year, Reverend Horton Heat is onboard and helping curate five days of music at three venues in Deep Ellum from September 11 to 15.

Today, the full schedule has been announced. It's below, with three secret bands to be announced later. You can celebrate the prospects of this festival tonight at a party at Three Links. Those missing spots include Thursday's headliner at Three Links and a couple on Sunday, so it could be some big names. Tickets are available now through ticketfly.

Wednesday, September 11

Three Links
10 p.m. Thin White Dukes
12 am. Josh & Oliver Karaoke

Thursday, September 12

Three Links
8 p.m. Restvraunt
9 p.m. Hanna Barbarians
10 p.m. Mothership
11 p.m. The American Fuse
12 a.m. TBA

Friday, September 13

7 p.m. Broken Gold
8 p.m. Holy Moly
9 p.m. Drag the River
10 p.m. Gorehounds
11 p.m.Reverend Horton Heat

Three Links
6 p.m. Punk Rock Karaoke
9 p.m. The Draculas
10 p.m. Party Police
11 p.m. Plissken
12 a.m. Ishi

Wits End
7 p.m. Solomon
8 p.m. Silver Loves Mercury
9 p.m. Venomous Maximus
10 p.m. Maleveller
11 p.m. The House Harkonnen
12 a.m. Damage Case

Saturday, September 14

7 p.m. Black Habits
8 p.m. The Re-mo's
9 p.m. Phantom Rockers
10 p.m. Missile
11 p.m. Bowling For Soup

Three Links
9 p.m. Mo Robson
10 p.m. Sleepin Rattlers
11 p.m. Dead Flowers
12 a.m. King Bucks

Wits End
8 p.m. Sweatloaf
9 p.m. Restvraunt
10 p.m. The Phuss
11 p.m. Locos Gringos
12 a.m. Dallas Uber Alles

Sunday, September 15

Three Links
9 p.m. TBA
10 p.m. Mike Herrera
11 p.m. Drag the River
12 a.m. Reverend Horton Heat

Wits End
9 p.m. Restvraunt
10 p.m. J Charles & the Train Robbers
11 p.m. TBA

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What is the main diference between the vip and the 3 day pass.. what makes it better?

Joe Bannon
Joe Bannon

I hope I still remember how to get there.

Joel Kunze
Joel Kunze

so, do you need a ticket to get a $13 tattoo now?

Curt Eichelberger
Curt Eichelberger

its good to see deep ellum doing something like this.. thanks oliver and scott.

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