The Dallas Morning News Music Critic Mario Tarradell Resigns

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Via Twitter/@MarioTarradell
Music Critic Mario Tarradell is resigning from The Dallas Morning News today.

"I want to explore other opportunities at this time," says Tarradell in a phone conversation with DC9 at Night. He has been a music critic at the paper for almost 20 years.

Born in Cuba and raised in Florida, Tarradell started his journalism career at The Miami Herald in 1989. He moved to the DMN in 1994 and has become a fixture in Dallas music criticism.

His recent stories include a profile of Overseas, the supergroup with Centro-Matic ties, and a review of this weekend's Brad Paisley concert.

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Joe Bannon
Joe Bannon

We need media filters @ facebook so we don't have to hear about people that have nothing do with us, like the royal family and music critics.

Lynn Kitchens
Lynn Kitchens

DMN could call me...I'd do that job. Oh no... their going broke.

Tim Cook
Tim Cook

People always leave a nice job without having something lined up....happens all the time


@Lynn Kitchens "[T]heir going broke."  You mean "they are" or in its contracted form, "they're."  So, no, you couldn't do that job.  It requires a basic grasp of syntax, structure, etc., of the English language.

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