Bruno Mars at American Airlines Center, 8/12/13: Review

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Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Atlantic Records
Bruno Mars in Philadelphia earlier this summer -- photos were not allowed at the Dallas concert.
Bruno Mars
American Airlines Center
August 12, 2013

Bruno Mars stands on the very end of the stage, adorned in a brown Panama hat, bathed in red-hued stage lights and wearing a smirk on his face. For the last hour and a half, Mars has driven the capacity crowd into a tizzy by running through the various hits he's written, gusted on, and released. And now as his backing band plays the final strings of his mega-hit "Just The Way You Are," the crowd rains down cheers in appreciation. Mars smirks because he knows what's next.

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It's been a hell of a summer for pop music in Dallas, as everyone from One Direction, to Wiz Khalifa to Ke$ha/Pitbull and the first lady of pop, Beyonce, has vied for show of the summer. Each act has their own argument for it, but none brought the energy and excitement that Mars did.

The easy-going 27-year old has openly expressed his love for old school music, through album titles, covers, etc. Well, there's no better proof of that love then Mars' live show, a spectacle that harkens back to the R&B and soul ordeals of yesteryear with impeccably choreographed dancing and banter. Much credit should be given to Mars' fantastic backing band, a group who could rival the much ballyhooed Dap Kings when it comes to musicianship and may have no peers when it comes to playing while both dancing and hyping up a crowd.

Having struggled to break through for so long, including a stint as the guy who stole every song he guested on, Mars took the time to share the spotlight with his band members. At one point he and the band competed in a "mack off," where they took turns trying to sweet talk a member of the audience. Mars even let the guys show off some physical prowess by having them perform a Pretty Ricky grind.

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Photos were certainly allowed. I saw just about every person in that audience taking pics and videos with their phones. I brought in my personal camera and took photos, and had no problem doing so.

Annabell Alvarez
Annabell Alvarez

By far best concert I've ever been to. I've been to alot of concerts and he was amazing! I'd definitely see him again. He's multi-talented. Awesome pyrotechnics, light show, he plays several instruments, sounds phenomenal live, list goes on.

Roger Northup
Roger Northup

That's not good news. Rebecca, Dawn, Wendy and Jeanette wanted to go...and couldn't/didn't.

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