The Seven Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, August 15-21

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This week brings us another installment of Red Bull Sound Select, one of Texas' best country bands, a local radio milestone, and some of the most influential artists of their respective genres. Lil Wayne has had some health issues on the road this year, so here's hoping that his time in the Lone Star State will leave him unscathed (and that he doesn't plan to stop through Sierra Blanca). No word yet as to whether or not My Bloody Valentine will be passing out earplugs again (as they did at their last Dallas show) but remember it's always a good idea to take them up on that offer. After sitting through their infamous 30 minute noise finale, you hearing may not be what it used to by the time Kurt Vile takes the stage on Monday.

Baths, Son of Stan, Ice Eater, These Machines are Winning
Thursday, August 15, at Three Links
The Red Bull Sound Select Series has not entered Dallas quietly. Last month's free Erykah Badu show was something truly special. In its immediate aftermath, the Series announced its second installment: Tonight's Baths show at Three Links. The california electronic artist would be impressive enough at $3 cover. But with the help of Central Track and Spune productions, Red Bull has assembled a hell of a local lineup, including These Machines are Winning and two of the area's most interesting synth rock bands in Son of Stan and Ice Eater. Get there early -- they'll hit capacity for sure. Kiernan Maletsky

Paul Slavens Nine Year KXT Anniversary Party
Featuring Dark Rooms, Blackstone Rangers and Diamond Age
Thursday, August 15, at Dan's Silverleaf
For nine years, Paul Slavens has been taking your requests when they don't suck and playing them on our independent radio station. He'll celebrate the milestone in Denton with a few of his favorite locals: The dark synthesizer pop of Blackstone Rangers, Diamond Age and Dark Rooms, which just returned from a European tour.KM

Eleven Hundred Springs
Friday, August 16, at Granada Theater

These days, it's hard to be a country band. There are plenty of alt-country, country-rock and country-pop acts, but not many playing music as beautifully simple as that of our own Eleven Hundred Springs. Recalling the transcendent traditionalism of George Jones, Merle Haggard and even Bob Wills, Matt Hillyer and crew have been delivering the goods for the better part of 15 years. Oblivious to any trends or fashion statements, Eleven Hundred Springs are the musical equivalent of a great homebrew that has never had its recipe changed. Smooth, but still capable of some kick, Hillyer's songs (and the songs he chooses to cover) resonate with sincerity and a true grasp of what it means to be a Texan. If you had to choose one band to represent the city of Dallas, Eleven Hundred Springs would definitely have to be considered. Darryl Smyers

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The Danny Church Band
The Danny Church Band

DAMN. Son of Stan at Three Links - Deep Ellum, TX and Dark Rooms at Dan's Silver Leaf and Deb Doing Dallas' THRWD Thursday at The Gin Mill Dallas on the same night! Feel like we're at Bonnaroo!

Tara Manning
Tara Manning

Three Links for These Machines! So, so good.

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