Air Review Busks in Deep Ellum: A Globe Trek Productions and Dallas Observer Video [Update]

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Our series of live performance videos, produced by Globe Trek Productions, continues with a clip of Air Review playing "Young," from this year's Low Wishes, while walking down the Elm Street and into Wit's End. It's a song of ambitious scope (most songs with "Wow-ooh" choruses are), and the acoustic version is striking. The people hanging outside or at the bar of Wit's End don't have time to register much more than confusion, and the band plays through the street noise with a remarkable even keel. Watch below.

Update, 8/30: We've added a second video, of the band playing "America's Son" on Wit's End's rooftop. Watch below.

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Air Review played Friday at Club Dada with Pageantry, and the band will embark on an East Coast tour this September. Their next Texas show is on September 20 in Waco.

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edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros and/or the bowerbirds should sue for the obvious ripoff.  or really just any other indie folie band who did that song already.


Nice! keep this series going.

Jared Culpepper
Jared Culpepper

They've got to be one of the best "unknown" bands in the country.


Le pas du sonnet.

Le ciel limpide

est comme

la chanson

qui décrit

la lumière

d'un oiseau


Francesco Sinibaldi 


@frasin66  agreed, but parking in Deep Ellum has been a problem for years.

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