A Very Serious Conversation with Shaun Colon of Dang!Records!

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Folks, meet my former co-worker Shaun Colon. Shaun and I worked together briefly in 2009 at The Absolute Space, a recording and video studio, as well as 100-room rehearsal facility in Dallas. Absolute is gone now, but the memories remain of aligning with some profound musical talent and pretty cool local industry folk. For instance: on Wednesday nights, Shaun and I would run a party that our pretty laid-back entrepreneur of a boss, Michael Roth, would throw: "Free Beer Open Mic Night."

The recording studio's main room (home to Shaun's Dang! studios and record label) would be set up with full backline of drums and amps (the drums were a kit formerly belonging to Mike Luce of Drowning Pool), and Roth would spring for a keg of suds from Parkit Market, Dallas' beer keg mecca. It was a great way to discover all the talent that was in the building, and break the ice between musicians that would otherwise be hidden behind closed doors.

"Free Beer Open Mic Night" was one of what seemed to be dozens of projects Colon' had his hands in. He recorded bands, worked up his own act, Samuell Caldwell's Revenge, where due to no other choice he was briefly the vocalist as well as their speedpunk machine gun of a drummer as well, and helped run and maintain the large facility.

Since then, Shaun has gotten so busy producing live and studio projects, he's backburnered being a musician himself. Along with working for Septien Entertainment (covered here in LMM), he's been moving into video production with some great local talent in that area, and has even been working on a documentary for Fat Wreck Chords that looks pretty cool.

It's been a number of years since I've caught up with him, so there was quite a bundle of interesting goings-on in his whirlwind of a world.

First, catch me up on you as a musician. I sense that you've been so busy that you're on hiatus from being a musician...and a very good one at that.

I liken myself to a young Phil Collins, the Genesis era...


....but that's neither here nor there. I'm never really on hiatus from being a musician, but the more projects that come along between DANG!, Septien, Distraction, Open Ended, etc., the less time there is for personal projects, so it takes a little longer between releases and live shows. Also I've been working on some tasty drum and bass under the name BadRad, so sometimes that stuff goes under the punk rock radar.

Speaking of punk rock radar, catch me up on Dang!Records! I know about Perdition, but elsewhere I'm behind on Dang!

I dig Perdition as well. Most folks agree, they're pretty diggable. They just finished up a European tour and got European distribution of their DANG! release, "Hispaniola", through Gunner Records, as well as having that album nominated for rock album of the year by Ft. Worth Weekly in 2012 and this year for best punk act, so the whole DANG! family is pretty proud of those guys. My extreme modesty prevents me from even mentioning that I recorded, produced, mixed and mastered that album. I'm hoping people will see it in the credits.

What else is up at Dang! Records?

Dang!Records is my attempt to give some sweet music back to a scene that gave me so much rad music growing up. Is that sappy enough? I guess technically we're a DFW based independent punk rock record label with about 10 bands nationwide, and a few international collaborators. So as of the moment, I'd say we're going stronger than ever. The releases are getting better and the fan base is growing. That being said, most of us are still holding onto our day jobs. It continues to be a "labor of love" for the time being.

Check out "Flowers and the Earth" by Chicago's Gunner's Daughter coming out this fall, and catch them with Perdition @ FEST'12 in Gainesville. Also, Allout Helter's "Sinking, We Regress" is a record of epic riffness that I would like to point special attention toward. Glue your ears to this for sure!

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Dang! Records FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great guys, great musicians, great supporters of the Dallas Punk scene!!

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