Randy Travis is in Critical Condition in a Texas Hospital [Update]

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Randy Travis was admitted to a hospital in Texas Sunday due to extreme complications from a viral infection, according a statement from his publicist.

The country legend has made most of his headlines in the last couple years for his run-ins with the law, which include public intoxication outside a Baptist church and drunk driving near Tioga. But, as our reviewer of his March 25 show will attest, Travis has been sober and focused on music of late. His most recent recording is a moving tribute to George Jones called "Tonight I'm Playing Possum." You can listen to the song through Warner Brother Nashville's Soundcloud. The specific condition that landed him in the hospital is viral cardiomyopathy, which is a weakening of the heart muscles.

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Travis' sister-in-law told PEOPLE he had surgery yesterday and noted that both his brother and mother have dealt with heart trouble. Meanwhile, fans famous and otherwise are taking to Twitter to lend their support to the great singer:

Travis was supposed to launch a tour later this week at Deadwood Mountain Grand in South Dakota.

Note: This story was originally published at 4:36 p.m. on July 8 and updated at 8 a.m. on July 9.

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Brandon Moise
Brandon Moise

He got the infection while fistfighting a baby during a church sermon, naked.

Jim Davis
Jim Davis

Guess that lifestyle finally caught up with him...


Get Well Soon Randy!  I have faith that you will overcome this.  God Bless and Forever and Ever....AMEN!

Blake Pritz
Blake Pritz

good...now I won't have to hear his stupid voice on those stupid commercials

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