The Complete Guide to Dallas Pools: Hotels

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Valerie Thompson
Editor: The days of constant sweat are upon us. Fortunately, Dallas has an especially fine array of pools. Some are easy to find, some are ... less so. Deb Doing Dallas has a way with these things, fortunately, and she'll be leading you on a tour of pretty much every pool you hope to dip a toe in this summer. They're divided into three categories: Hotels, residential and public(ish).

The Hotel Pool requires a certain level of confidence when you are not a guest. Don't walk in with a big group, go right to the elevators, and travel minimally. You want to appear as though you are coming from your room, not the summer fun section at the Super Target. Always be friendly to whoever is in that elevator with you - they probably have a key card.

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The Belmont Hotel

Neighborhood: Oak Cliff.

What to wear: You are going to want to swing a little more Palm Spring. Think caftans, straw hats, and a bold print. Got some seersucker trunks? Prove it.

What to drink: Oh, any of the Champagne cocktails or that Belmontini. But sip, she does not play.

Who you will meet: Oak Cliff creatives, East Dallas residents who complain that the F.O.E. is too "hipster" and hotel guests because apparently The Belmont has gotten a lot stricter regarding pool crashers.

Pro-tip: Just get a room, you need a staycation.

Varsity Pro-tip: but keep a key as a souvenir and keep it displayed on your towel the next time you, um, visit.

Suggested Pool Toys & Accessories: You will want some smart and campy beach reading to impress all of the community organizers, artisan chefs and design mavens. Perhaps Valley of the Dolls or something from John Waters.

Tips & Tricks: Be a hotel guest, or a guest of a hotel guest. Keep your old room keys.

Valerie Thompson

Valerie Thompson

Valerie Thompson

The Omni

Neighborhood: Downtown Dallas

What to wear: When sneaking into a closed hotel pool, go minimal. Suit, cover up, sunscreen and magazine. Hide your keys, you want to appear as though you are traveling from your room.

What to drink: Something colorful, you have a light show to compete with.

Who you will meet: Dallas staycationers, like-minded pool crashers, generous drunk conference attendees with expense accounts and company credit cards.

Suggested Pool Toys & Accessories: Don't even bring a towel, but if you insist, make sure it's white.

Tips & Tricks: You need a key card for this swimming hole, skip the front desk and tip the bell boy, he has what you need. And make a plan if you use the restroom, leave a buddy behind to open the door. Unrelated, those tacky lights from I-30 magically make something quite beautiful reflecting in the pool after sundown.

The W

Neighborhood: Victory Park

What to wear: On the Wet Deck you will want to wear the suit you feel most comfortable dancing in because those sugars at The W have put together a Sunday fete with notable DJ's every week for you to while away the last moments of your weekend. Also, lots of photographers so swipe on that lipstick and grab the good sunglasses.

What to Drink: The Cucumber Mint Martini, any cocktail with cucumbers really.

Who you will meet: Great DJ's and friends of great DJ's. And music snobs. And hotel guests who are slightly confused about the growing party.

Suggested Pool Toys & Accessories: Towel service is provided and space is limited, this is another pool where you can leave the clutter behind.

Tips & Tricks: Go a little later in the afternoon if you are the sun-worshipping type. That ball of fire hits the pool all day but the deck stays pretty shaded till after 3:30 p.m.

Valerie Thompson

Valerie Thompson

Valerie Thompson

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