Why Is Brad Paisley Giving Away Meals at Cracker Barrel? Would You Like One? Because I Don't Want Mine.

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Rachel Parker
Slideshow: Brad Paisley at Gexa Energy Pavilion
Brad Paisley put out a new album this year, and it's a safe bet no country superstar has given its label as much of a headache as Brad (this would be Wheelhouse, the album with "Accidental Racist" on it). But hey: Angry blog posts and album sales are getting less and less correlated by the day, I'm afraid, and Brad did just fine over the weekend at Gexa Energy Pavilion. So there's a special edition of Wheelhouse out now and available exclusively at Cracker Barrel. In fact, Cracker Barrel Music, which you'll be glad to know exists, co-released the special edition with Sony. They sent me a couple copies that included coupons for free meals at said Old Country Store and Restaurant, and I can't take them because it might compromise my authority to make jokes about "Accidental Racist." We shouldn't let a good order of Country Ham and Biscuits go to waste, though, so you can have them. It will come at the cost of reading some jokes about "Accidental Racist," though.

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Brad Paisley, like any sane person with even a modicum of perspective on the world, believes everyone deserves some empathy and that every culture offers value. That's great, and it could have made for a remarkable lyrical undercurrent for Wheelhouse. Instead, the songs are as subtle as that Stetson -- "Accidental Racist" is the face-palmiest offender, but let's not forget "Those Crazy Christians" (spoiler alert: They're actually not crazy). And "Southern Comfort Zone," a really well-meaning attempt to embrace the growing Hispanic population in America that gets a little off-track when he equates his experience making out with California girls and taking a vacation to Europe with knowing what it's like to be a minority.

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cracker barrel and brad paisley both suck.

James Savik
James Savik

If you have ever eaten at Kracker Barrel, it's better to give the food away than eat it.

Montemalone topcommenter

I thought he was gay, why's he pimpin' for homophobic CB?


Paisley is hot...I'd do him...but not with chicken fried steak on his breath

Alex Fuller
Alex Fuller

Sweet, I love both Cracker Barrel AND that soulful Nashville sound.

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