Tim McGraw - Gexa Energy Pavilion - June 21, 2013

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Tim McGraw walks through the crowd before getting on stage
When I do get around to going to a country concert, Tim McGraw is never a bad bet, as he proved again on Saturday night.

When the Two Lanes of Freedom Tour (which is named after McGraw's latest album) hit Gexa Energy Pavilion on Saturday night, the 46-year-old Tim McGraw looked great and performed even better.

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Around 9 o'clock in the 90-plus degree heat, Tim got the crowd fired up by walking through the crowd to get to the stage. Once on stage, the country star opened with "Where the Green Grass Grows," which, despite being over a decade old, the crowd sang word for word.

After a few songs, McGraw took a moment to say, "How's everybody doing tonight? My name is Tim." As if he needed an introduction. He went onto introduce his band members, who came from LA, New Jersey, Dallas and even as far as Ireland. Other than that, he kept the talking to a minimum.

About 45 minutes into his set, McGraw thanked the Dallas country radio stations. Then he slowed down the pace without losing any of the energy, playing "Just to See You Smile" followed by "She's My Kind of Rain."

But that didn't last for long. After "She's My Kind of Rain," the stage went black, only to be illuminated by images of flames on the huge screens a few seconds later. After McGraw counted down in Spanish, the band broke out with "Mexicoma," from his new album.

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Gexa Energy Pavilion

1818 First Ave., Dallas, TX

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