Ten Best Texas Country Songs of 2013 (So Far)

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We've made no bones about the fact we're not completely sure what an artist or a song has to be or consist of in order to be lumped under the massive "Texas Country" umbrella, aside from simply having some sort of connection to the Lone Star State -- even if sometimes it's a loose one. To be certain, most people will have an equally tough time defining the musical makeup of "Red Dirt" or even "Americana," which has become a legit, nationally recognized genre, without possessing any singular, identifiable sonic traits.

Regardless, 2013 has already seen the release of some killer albums from some of the state's marquee attractions, as well as some promising younger names and even a few local acts that are on their way to being known far beyond the metroplex. Call these tunes Texas Music, Texas Country, Singer-Songwriter, Americana, Cowpunk, or just, I don't know, Country? We don't care.

Here are the ten tunes we think best represent Texas Country (or whatever) for the first half of 2013. Important: These are in no particular order -- the numbers are just to help keep things organized.

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10. Chris King - "Native Son": The best tune from the first album of this year to force folks to sit up and realize that 2013 wouldn't be only about the longtime favorites. King's 1983 album is a great straightforward country-rock album.

9. Zane Williams - "Sure Felt Like Goodbye": If there's a better pure country songwriter currently performing in the Dallas area, we're not sure who he or she is. This first single from the star of Troubadour, TX's new album, Overnight Success is an impeccable mix of Nashville polish and Texan sincerity.

8. William Clark Green - "She Likes the Beatles": Tyler native and Austin resident Green is a country-rocker with a folkie's heart. This pub-style sing-along is as inventive as it is infectious.

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Great list! But I think Mike and the Moonpies "Sunday" or "Putting it Down" should definitely be on here!


"Purgatory Road" By Whiskey Rodeo!

#1 in New Braunfels and the ROCK; www.whiskeyrodeo.com


I do not believe number 1 and 3 even belong on the same page as Uncle Lucius!  Uncle Lucius is professional and awesome. 


I agree its a killer tune from an awesome band.

As stated in the paragraph before the list, the numbers are arbitrary. The numbers do not reflect the author's opinion on which songs are first, tenth or in-between.


La mémoire et un sourire.


et comme

le chant d'une

pensée, le

tendre oiseau

retrouve le

sourire de



Francesco Sinibaldi 

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