She & Him - Verizon Theatre - June 15, 2013

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Autumn De Wilde
When I first saw She and Him were playing at Verizon Theater, in Grand Prairie's desolate "entertainment district," I wondered why for the group's first ever stop in Dallas, they didn't play a venue like Granada Theater or Palladium Ballroom.

But once their set was done, and the almost all-couple audience begin to file out, it began to make more sense that this bland venue played host to bland, if still enjoyable enough, night of music.

That's not to say She and Him aren't a good band. I don't need to go into the details of M. Ward's talent at composing a song and musical ability. And the other half, Zooey Deschanel, (who is the group's principle songwriter) has a decent voice, and playfully barbed with the audience in-between songs. Also, of course, she has enough personal momentum that she could have just stood up there and read from the dictionary and the audience would have lapped it up.

Down in the "pit," twenty-somethings stood arm-crossed and cool while listening to the neo-traditional harmonizing of opening act, Secret Sisters. The sisters are pretty talented and received a rousing applause for "Tomorrow Will Be Kinder," which was featured on The Hunger Games soundtrack.

Onstage M. Ward is a marvel to watch. He bobs and weaves between the other players, who are themselves a talented group of multi-instrumentalists. Ward embraces his role, at times transcending what's happening on-stage, lost in his own word of solos and sonic discord, but always adding more to each song.

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By the time the show was over I was praying for an encore, so the polo shirted bro behind me could stop shouting, "Yea!" and "Okay!" in a shitty Lil John voice.

tHIS does not happen at shows I go to. thats because I dont go see shitty fucking acts.

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