Oil Boom Prepare a New 7" and Talk About the Value of Being a DFW Band

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Photo courtesy of Oil Boom
Update, 6/27: Oil Boom has just announced that one of the songs on the new seven-inch will be featured in an episode of the TNT show Franklin and Bash.

DFW's own Oil Boom will be releasing a seven-inch on August 13. It follows last year's impressive EP Gold Yeller. The rock trio comprises guitarist and vocalist Ryan Taylor of Oak Cliff, drummer Dugan Connors of Carrollton and bassist Steve Steward of Fort Worth.

The new album, which they'll release on vinyl, consists of two singles, "45 Revolutions Per Minute" and "The Fiftease." Taking a break from their constant performances around the area, the Oil Boom trio took the time to talk with us.

When did y'all start working on this record?

Ryan Taylor: January?

Steve Steward: Yeah, the songs came pretty quick and we recorded in January or February.

How'd y'all decide on vinyl, rather than EPs as you've done in the past or a full-length album?

Dugan Connors: We wanted to get something out and we had the songs so we decided to try something different. And we all have an appreciation for vinyl, so it's certainly something that we wanted to do.

The Side A track "45 Revolutions Per Minute" is obviously a nod to the speed at which the record plays. Did y'all make that song before or after y'all decided to release the track on vinyl?

RT: That was a little bit before. I had had some different lyrics at first, but then knowing that we wanted to do something on vinyl, I was like, 'Well, that'd be kind of cool to, you know, have a song that references it in some way. Luckily, it kind of worked out.

How has your sound changed from your earlier songs, and what inspired that change?

RT: The songs are pretty different. We got some heavier influences. Stylistically, as opposed to the last one...Maybe one of you guys can chime in?

DC: Our new songs have more of a rock feel that's very rooted in blues. And we noticed that after we recorded "45 Revolutions Per Minute" that there's even some similarities to Nirvana, and it was totally unintentional. And "The Fiftease" kind of sounds like an early rock and roll single a little bit, but then again it kind of makes me think of a late '80s indie rock in the way that the outro works. The way that Ryan plays almost reminds me of Dinosaur Jr., which I think is pretty cool.

How'd you decide to spell the Side B track "The Fiftease"?

RT: The song is kind of poking fun at Rockabilly culture a little bit. And then it's kind of me just admonishing myself for doing that, like, why do I even care? [He laughs] You know, we're kind of in that decade but you're not really, so, I guess that's just kind of just a play on words.

Alright, I have to ask. How'd y'all come up with that promotional video (see below)?

RT: We just had the idea that it might be kind of funny to do something that looked like a vintage commercial from the '80s that was done in a foreign country or something, and we just happened to know a guy from Laos who lives close to where we rehearse. So, we just thought it'd be fun to do.

Watch the video on the next page.

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