My Bloody Valentine at Verizon Theatre: You Can Still Buy Tickets (For Now)

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My Bloody Valentine: Kind of a blurry band, so it works out.
My Bloody Valentine will play Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie on August 17. This is a big deal: The Greatest Shoegaze Band Ever released its third album (and first since 1991's spectacular Loveless) earlier this year. When MBV reunited in 2009, they played only five U.S. shows, at Coachella and in Seattle, Denver, Dallas and Austin. That tour sold out instantly.

This time around, the supply isn't much bigger -- a long string of 2013 dates includes only six U.S. shows, in basically the same places. But unlike last time, the Dallas show, for which tickets went on sale Saturday, is not yet sold out.

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In fact, if you go to the AXS ticket site right now, you can get pretty much any seat in the house and up to 8 tickets at once. And while that may be true now, don't expect to be able to walk up to the venue in August and get in. So buy now, and listen to this to ease the pain of the $11 fee:

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Show didnt sell out last time through and palladium wasnt very full, good luck filling half of that venue up

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