A Weekly Drum Circle Shows Klyde Warren Park at its Best

Sam Epstein, George Cortez and Baba Lawrence play the drums together at Klyde Warren Park.
Since it opened in late October 2012, Klyde Warren Park has offered plenty of entertainment - from movies, concerts and fireworks to food trucks, dog training and fountains to chess, foosball and putting greens (oh, and possibly an ice skating rink in the winter).

But the best entertainment, I discovered last Sunday afternoon (June 9), isn't provided by the park itself; it's provided by the visitors.

Arriving around 3 p.m., I immediately heard some people performing Afro-Caribbean percussion, complete with bongos, congas, claves, guiros and maracas. They were in the Muse Family Performance Pavilion - a diverse group with an audience to match.

A Hispanic man skillfully played the congas while an older black man and a white teenager played the bongos. Young children gleefully shook and banged a variety of other instruments. Some of the surrounding crowd danced and clapped along.

After about fifteen minutes, the busking reached an intermission. I approached the performance leader, 52 year-old George Cortez, who wore a ponytail, sunglasses and a sleeveless black button-up. Cortez likes to perform every Sunday for around five hours, and he provided the instruments that his fellow spontaneous 'band members' were playing.

The lifelong West Dallas resident has played the congas for over 25 years. He learned without any formal training. He's the youngest of seven siblings, and was able to teach himself with the instruments left around the house by his older brothers.

Cortez has played with bands of various genres, although he currently performs with his Santana tribute band, Abraxas. Earlier in his life, he did professionally pursue music and often performed in Deep Ellum in the '70s and '80s. "That train has passed," he tells me in between shaking hands and receiving thanks from the crowd. "I'm not going to be a rock star, so now I play what I love."

Cortez, who works in warehouses during the week, explained to me how relaxing he found the park. "I bust my butt all week," he says. "This is just fun." The grandfather was happy to share the joy of music with the children, especially since he understood that the instruments aren't something that Dallas kids get to see or play with everyday.

He loves meeting new people at the park, who come from around the city, from Oak Cliff to Southlake to Richardson, and even some from other countries: Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Germany among them.

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Klyde Warren Park

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Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Main Street Park feels infinitely more like a neighborhood park than Deck Park.  The area around it is making a big step forward towards becoming the best area in Downtown Dallas to live.  An improvement would be to criss-cross the center lawn with walk paths lined with trees.  That would give it more shade and a cozier feel.  Tearing out the expressway would give it immediate communication with Deep Ellum.  Putting windows in the formerly blank wall of the UNT building was a great idea.  Preserving the beaux-arts Municipal Building is a must do, as well as the Harwood Street gems, the Presbyterian Church, the Scottish Rite Cathedral, and the Masonic Lodge.  The re-do of the Farmers Market area is huge plus and the rehabbing of the Statler and the Continental has come along beautifully.  Now, the neighborhood needs a name.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

PS.... I left out the stately 1900 Elm building (Titche-Goettinger) and the soaring modern Mercantile, with its "space needle" clock tower (the Mercantile is notable for being the only skyscraper built in the United States during World War II).

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