Ke$ha and Pitbull - Gexa Energy Pavilion - June 23, 2013

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Photo by Jaime-Paul Falcon
The most glittered fans at last night's Ke$ha/Pitbull concert.
Ke$ha | Pitbull
Gexa Energy Pavilion
June 23, 2013

As the music wafted over Gexa Energy Pavilion's lawn, a tanned twentysomething sporting the uniform of the day (cutoff jean shorts, a sleeveless blouse, a drink in hand) was so overcome by the music that she managed to lose her balance mid-dance-move, causing her to tumble backward head over heels down the lawn. As fast as she fell, the young lady was on her feet. She collected herself, and told the throng of onlookers "Calm down, guys. Seriously, calm down. I didn't even spill a splash of my drink. It'll all be OK."

And with that she placed the straw of her frozen concoction between her lips, took a deep pull and went back to dancing. Nothing quite drove home the sense of excess and fun of the night quite like this moment.

Recklessness, excess and a celebration of making it. That might just sum up the air onstage as Ke$ha and Pitbull took turns driving their fans into a frenzy. Ke$ha's rather intricate, and at times insane stage show, came complete with inflatable animals, giant penises and Flaming Lips-like dancers in costumes (Ke$ha collaborator and Lips front man Wayne Coyne was even in attendance), and drove her fans into an almost hedonistic fever. All across Gexa ladies of all ages, and several gentlemen, all in various versions of the same outfit, many sporting custom-made shirts declaring their love for the artist, threw their arms in the air as they danced themselves into smiling, glittery sweaty masses.

This all culminated into furious dance off/sing along as Ke$ha launched into her chart-topping hit "Die Young" as glitter and streamers rained down all around. After wishing the crowd well, Ke$ha took a moment to tell us she hoped we'd "all get laid tonight," and with that she was off the stage. Her utter "fuck it, let's have fun" attitude is why she might be the most punk act performing right now

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Hey Dallas douche bags. This is my 17 year old niece and her friend in this pic. They weren't drinking and def weren't drunk that night. This reporter doesn't know what he's talking about... For those of you talking crap about them- stop talking crap about high school kids and grow up already!!


That is actually me and my friend in this picture! Last Sunday was such an amazing night that I will never forget. Ke$ha put on an amazing show and it was so great to just let myself go for one night to dance and get covered in glitter! Thats what Ke$ha is all about, doing anything she can to help us be ourselves. I actually met her before the concert that night and she is one of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure to meet. So before you people are so quick to judge, you should just experience it for yourself and see what Ke$ha is all about! I love you, Ke$ha!

Melissa Howell
Melissa Howell should just keep it and the STD you got last night to yourself.

Candace Klenk
Candace Klenk

"Oh I'm so sad I missed this show" said no self respecting music lover ever


I want to enjoy my life as enthusiastically as Pitbull.

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