Hanni El Khatib, Shooter Jennings and More Top Show Announcements

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Guy Lowndes
Hanni El Khatib
We're seeing a couple repeat performances/announcements this week. Guess they just can't get enough of Dallas, y'all. Speaking of which, what's the shortest amount of time you've seen a national band play a city and then turned around to come back through and do it again? See you in the comments!

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Hanni El Khatib
Saturday, October 20, $16/$18

This guy has been everywhere lately, particularly busy touring with The Black Angels, who were both here at The Granada Theater on May 25, and who both made the festival circuit this past spring, where Hanni El Khatib featured his born-to-be-wild garage rock.

97.1 The Eagle Presents: The Battle For BFD: White Elephant, The Roaming Soldiers, Midnight Empire, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs, The Gypsy Bravado
Saturday, July 6, at House of Blues, $10/$12

Now don't get this mixed up with 97.1's BFD concert that they just had in late May with Megadeath and Slash. This one is called "The Battle for BFD" with a lineup of hard rock and punk local acts that will get your blood flowing.

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My Bloody Valentine, Verizon Theater, August 17th

Majical Cloudz, Dada, September 1st

Title Fight, The Door, September 21st

Why?/Astronautalis, Trees, September 28th

Queens of the Stone Age, Verizon Theater, October 5th

please stop copy/pasting whatever HOB puts out about new show announcements and calling it a day.

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