Ten Must-See Concerts in DFW This Week: June 20-26

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Oli Powell
Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters
I'm not gonna lie, you guys, Robert Plant is one of my longtime idols, so anything below the blurb that Gavin Cleaver wrote below about him and his new band, The Sensational Space Shifters, is purely filler (KIDDING!). The important thing here is that Robert Plant is legend. He is coming to town. And if I didn't already have a family reunion planned for this weekend, I'd be there faster than a sensational space shifter.

OK, now that THAT is out of the way, go check out who else has must-see shows happening in your city this week.

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Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters
Thursday, June 20, at The Palladium Ballroom, $50

While Mr. Plant's voice may not be the spellbinding force of nature it was many, many years ago, and while the continuing separation of a Page from his Plant might be a thorn in the side of classic rock lovers around the world, there is no denying that Plant's vocals color the music of a generation. In fact, the sound of that banshee wail tackling thorny subjects like Middle Earth has proven so timeless that it's never once drifted out of fashion since Page and Plant (with more than a little help from something of a rhythm section) began tearing up music as we knew it.
Plant and his band the Sensational Space Shifters have chosen to open their U.S. tour at the Dallas Palladium. I am reliably informed (by reliable, I mean the Internet) that more than a few "classic" numbers will be included in the set list for the evening. So, if like me you are but a child who was unfairly denied the chance to ever see Robert Plant do anything live, here is your chance. Right now. And that is how you write a Robert Plant preview without using the words "Led" or "Zeppelin" once. Apart from just then. -- Gavin Cleaver

Ryan Thomas Becker, Warren Jackson Hearne, Sydney Wright, Daniel Markham
Thursday, June 20, at Hailey's Club, $5/$7

If you're looking for a primer on the new cream of the songwriting crop in Denton, this show is a damn fine place to start -- top to bottom, the bill is full of inventive, affecting talent. Check out Daniel Markham's freshly released album for an idea of what to expect. --Kiernan Maletsky

The Flatlanders
Friday, June 21, at The Kessler Theater, $20-$30

The country supergroup (and namesake of this blog) will play a sold-out show at the best-sounding room in the city that believes in its own lies. --KM

Slaid Cleaves
Friday, June 21, at Dan's Silverleaf, $10

Austin musician and singer-songwriter Slaid Cleaves wasn't always a Texas boy. He is originally from up North, but has been an Austin resident for the past couple of decades, so I guess that qualifies him as a Texan by this point. At least I hope so, because the New York Times wrote a few years back that Cleaves was one of the best singer-songwriters to come out of Texas in a while. Cleaves usually writes a bunch of sad folk songs, which is A-OK by his fan base, but he switched it up a bit for his latest release, Still Fighting the War, on which he actually does a bit of yodeling. Check it out, then see him in Denton, where he says he always has a good time. -- Rachel Watts

Old Warhorse
Saturday, June 22, at Dan's Silverleaf, Free

If you're in the Denton area on Saturday night, you best get yourself to one of the sexiest shows of the evening: Old Warhorse -- which doesn't sound like a sexy name, but has all of the blues, soul and rock 'n' roll that you could ask for. You'll probably get a little mention too, since the band, headed up by Chris Welch of Pinebox Serenade, is recording their live album at Dan's that night. Did I mention it's free? -- Rachel Watts

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it's not a "must-see" concert list if Cheap Trick isn't on it.  CT has long been one of the most dynamic live bands touring.  it is a slight of the highest order to not acknowledge their first headlining Dallas show in many years on a "must-see" concert list.


...and Tim McGraw and Brantley Gilbert on Saturday at Gexa.  Man, missed some big shows on this list.


saw Cheap Trick open for Styx at the Cotton Bowl about 20 years ago. They are one of the best live bands I've ever seen.


Archer Live Saturday at Verizon?


What about Cheap Trick on Friday?  Ya, dummies.

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