The Nine Must-See Concerts in DFW This Week: June 27-July 3

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LL Cool J, caught in a rare moment wearing a shirt.

There's a lot happening in music around here -- a lot has happened this week, in fact. In this sprawling metropolitan music scene, with a kaleidoscopic framework of ever-changing people and bands and venues and ideas, a lot happens at once. The only thing we know for sure is that the people who make our city (and cities) so great and engaging -- musicians, venue leaders and the like -- will continue to do just that. So before this week is over, get out there and see something interesting, donate to a touring band's gas fund, help lug gear into the club down the street from your house or go hoarse screaming in an arena. Here's a little list of shows to get you kick-started.

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Grandmothers of Invention
Thursday, June 27, at The Kessler Theater, $20-$27

Back in the day, Frank Zappa had a backing band, The Mothers of Invention, and they were damn fine musicians. Well, they still are, and believe it or not, all of the original members (with exception of one rotating sit-in electric guitarist) continue to play and tour, paying homage to Zappa's immeasurable jazz-rock. Put simply, it's the music of Frank Zappa, performed by the musicians who were there when it was created -- which makes it very fitting that today, in this new wave, they would call themselves the Grandmothers of Invention. -- Rachel Watts

Black Tie Dynasty, The Demigs, Missing Sibling
Friday, June 28, at Double-Wide, $7

The sharp and suited guys of Black Tie Dynasty haven't played around DFW in quite some time, until now. They've randomly booked June plum to the brim, which means they've got something up those spiffy sleeves of theirs. The Demigs, on the other hand, have been very open about their plans: The indie-pop group has got a new double album in the works, which they're in the middle of recording and mastering themselves, and expect to release later this year. Catch both of these amazing bands and opener Missing Sibling at Double-Wide this weekend. -- Rachel Watts

Friday, June 28, at Granada Theater, $29

Michael Sweet and his band Stryper are proof positive that "Christian" and "heavy metal" are not mutually exclusive terms. Sure, Stryper burst onto the scene way back in 1983 and looked more strident than spiritual, but the years have been kind to these Bible-throwing, big-haired rockers. 1986's To Hell With the Devil is probably Stryper's high-water mark and it is certainly as good as anything released by Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Poison or any other secular hair metal act. Plus, by taking the religious angle, Stryper exposed a lot of impressionable young people to a style of music many had never experienced before. This subversive undercurrent was certainly not intentional, but Stryper probably has done more subverting than converting. Now, it all looks like an Off Broadway musical full of decent sets, OK musical numbers and people still getting plunked in the head with King James versions of the good book. -- Darryl Smyers

New Kids on the Block
Friday, June 28, at American Airlines Center, $53-$93

Ever since group member Donnie Wahlberg told CNN that NKOTB were getting back together in 2008, the money has poured in. New singles and albums have sold well, but it's the band's touring that's kept them on the radar. First hitting the road with Lady Gaga in tow, the band sold out a worldwide tour. This was followed up with a successful U.S. tour, an annual cruise and a 2011 pairing with the Backstreet Boys, which led to the greatest hits compilation NKOTBSB. Currently the Boston quintet is out in support of latest album 10, with the kings of Motown Philly, Boyz II Men, and the lords of, uh, being that other boy band in the '90s, 98 Degrees. It's the ultimate nostalgia trip for your cool aunt and her friends. Expect lots of frozen drinks to be sold and "Woos!" to be shouted at the AAC on Friday night. -- Jaime-Paul Falcon

Twilite Grand Opening: Will Johnson, Brent Best
Saturday, June 29, at Twilite Lounge, Free

There's a new business in Deep Ellum, and early reports suggest that the bar/venue run by Danny from the Ticket and Jess Barr from Slobberbone rules. Find out for yourself with a grand opening featuring solo sets from Centro-matic's Will Johnson and Slobberbone's Brent Best. It's not Kelly Clarkson, but we'll take it. --Kiernan Maletsky

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Scott Strong

The sound was horrible! But De La Soul was wonderful.

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The anti-Bieber; Barry Manilow at Verizon Theatre Grand Prairie Friday 06/28

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