The 15 Most Original Band Promo Photos in DFW

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Just a normal band practice for Home by Hovercraft.
Here at the Observer, we come across hundreds of photos a week. You'd be surprised how often styles are repeated. You've all seen the cliche band in a wintered field photo, or the antique furniture set outdoors photo. Well, here are a group of photos that don't fit the mold; they're completely original, and they're only telling of the eclectic mix of artists we're surround by, who are shaking it up a bit. Here are their band promo photos.

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Home By Hovercraft

When classical and theatrical pop locals Home by Hovercraft (as pictured above) were nominated for a Best None of the Above award at the Dallas Observer Music awards last year, this is how we described them, so it makes sense that they have one of the most unique band promo photos of the bunch: If you've ever wanted to employ the phrase "hardcore ballooning" and have it not refer to some sort of sex act, Home By Hovercraft have you covered. Helmed by husband and wife Seth and Shawn Magill, the five-piece's music is classically informed, and yet pop in its translation. Their musical components include tuba, piano, mandolin and a step dancer, and they even developed songs for a musical, On the Eve, which is about Marie Antoinette, time travel and a hot air balloon. -- Audra Schroeder

Now I know why experimental band Babar doesn't have lyrics in its music.

Denton's Babar has experiemental, lyric-less math rock that dances around the room and always keeps you guessing -- and that's almost exactly how I would describe the band's attitude. I mean, if it isn't apparent by the photo, these guys have a sense of humor, which makes sense why they named their group after an imaginary elephant that appears in a series of French books for children.

A production still from the movie Crocodile Dundee.

Unconscious Collective
Bassist Aaron Gonzales, guitarist Greg Prichett and drummer Stefan Gonzales come together to form a production called Unconscious Collective, an Aboriginal-looking trio, decked out in bone necklaces, face paint and minimal clothing. Fusing jazz and blues elements into their calculative, math-laden rock, UC offers two compelling reasons to stick around -- one of which is entirely the music. These guys can certainly keep you entertained, dressed as primitive-looking hunters and gatherers, but their fast and then slow music has breathtaking crescendos that start and stop at the command of the drums, which Gonzales seems to control by spirit alone.

Not surprisingly, this is actually the premise for an upcoming Dallas-based reality TV show.

Daniel Folmer, Tony Ferraro and Taylor Sims
We actually snapped this photo at the Dallas Observer DOMA Nominee Party back in October of last year. Musicians Daniel Folmer, Tony Ferraro and Taylor Sims of Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers showed up to crash the party. They got a ton of attention, had free booze and got their new favorite photo out of the deal, so all-in-all a good night.

The cardboard sea was not so arrogant that day.

Arrogant Sea
I haven't heard much out of Denton band Matthew and the Arrogant Sea in the last couple of years, but they pop up every so often to play a show or two, and then retreat back into the vast ocean that is Dallas-Fort Worth.

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Not impressed with a lot of these.  You should check out Responsible Johnny and the promo pics on their FB page.

youfuckingfucker 1 Like

Seriously?  Are you just stealing pictures from  This isn't a plug for an awful tumblr page either.  Are these all bands that have people in them who you have a crush on? 

Let's break down the originality of these photos:

1. Back of a van photo  - No.

2. Band in shower - No.

3. Masked man standing in front of water - No.

4. Rapper sitting on stairs in front of brick wall - Fucking seriously?  Did you forget what you started the article writing about?

5. Guy in front of posters - Again, no.  were you alive in the 80s or 90s?  Oh wait, maybe you weren't?

colonelduck 2 Like

3 tight jeaned rocker/hipster dudes in the back of a van. Super original. Mind blowing. I'm dead now because my head popped. It was just that original.

dwilsonphotog 3 Like

Why are none of the photographers credited?


@dwilsonphotog Come on now... that would be way too much work.  

Seriously though... you guys should credit the photogs who took these images, unless these images are the sole copyright of the Dallas Observer (which I doubt).  

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